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Heal, Heal! Kourtney X Barker Wellness Is IN!

What's done in love is done well
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What, in your opinion, makes a power-couple, but one of our (gender-liberated, feminist, self-aware but global-impact concious) generation? They were and are (or experience themselves as) self-dependent and accomplished people, both before and during marriage/dating? Check. They give us good fashion and headlines? Check. They share their devotion and happiness with pride and rise each other up? Check. They make love and money together? Cha-ching! I mean, check.

We love seeing couples break new ground together; there is often to be seen an undeniable passion and zest for life in those acts: people who saw themselves blossom with each other wanting and needing to take that energy to make something else grow from it. Sometimes that's babies, sometimes it's business ventures, sometimes it's both and then some.

Whenever lifestyles change gears in already busy schedules, it becomes even more important to take care of our bodies and minds, preferably daily: Mr. Barker is making a name for himself in that field, too, being the founder of Barker Wellness and all. The vegan brand, for those who are not yet familiar with it, offers an array of CBD-infused skincare, tinctures, pain balms — in contemporary design. The products themselves contain many high quality ingredients, and have recently been joined by Mrs. Kourtney Kardashian Barker's flair and taste — in the form of luxurious-feeling body wellness line, Kourtney x Barker Wellness.

The line consists of 4 products — here is what they are — and what Kourtney and Travis said about them (and each other, aww!).

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The Butter
"Now that I'm officially a Barker, I thought it was only right to have some Kourtney Barker Wellness products...wink wink. And since I'm such a fan of my husband's Barker Wellness line, it made perfect sense! My obsession with taking baths, wellness, and taking care of my body has led me to this collaboration — and I could not be happier with how the products turned out." , said Kourtney Kardashian Barker. The Kourtney x Barker Wellness Body Butter, $35, brings a non-comedogenic blend of whipped shea butter, organic jojoba, organic sweet almond, coconut, lavender and vitamin E for supple and radiant skin.

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The Oil
Lightweight, healing and suitable even for acne-prone skin, Kourtney x Barker Wellness Body Oil, $40, keeps skin from drying out, protects and hydrates it, while being anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants at the same time. The key players here are some of our long-loved ingredients: jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, kakui seed oil, babassu oil, lavender oil.

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Detox Flakes
"Kourtney and I live and love health and wellness. Creating products we love and need to help with recovery and wellness is fun to share with the world. I love what Kourtney adds to Barker Wellness with this collaboration.", said Travis Barker. Kourtney x Barker Wellness Rejuvenate Magnesium Bath Flakes, $35, contain salts that are sourced directly from the ancient Zechstein seabed; the Moroccan lava clay and Patagonian wakame seaweed work together to exfoliate, rejuvenate, and hydrate skin.

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Calm Flakes
Soothe your body with a blend of Zechstein magnesium, eucalyptus leaf, blue tansy flower, pine needle and vitamin E. The blue Kourtney x Barker Wellness Calm Magnesium Bath Flakes, $35, also contain methylsulfonylmethane — an organic sulfur-containing compound that can help maximize exercise related benefits and the post-workout reset.

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