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20 Reasons Jared Leto Is Our 2016 Hair Spirit Guide

Considering a new 'do for the New Year? Let hair god Jared Leto show you the way...
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The new year is the perfect time to debut a new look, but many of us end up balking at the thought of switching up our go-to (read: boring) hairstyle because we're too intimidated to venture out of our comfort zones.

Enter Jared Leto.

Like a sweet, ombre-haired angel sent from above, Leto is here to offer us all the hairspiration we need in 2016. No matter what look you're considering, chances are Leto has tried it -- and pulled it off flawlessly. From hair buns to braids, blonde to black to ombre and back, Leto has worn it all -- and he's here to make us believe that anything is possible when it comes to experimenting with our hair.

Yep, we consider Leto our mane man when it comes to finding our new look, so we've rounded up his best hair color, cuts and more to motivate us to shake things up in 2016. And even if you're happy with the current state of your locks, why would you want to pass up the opportunity to ogle Leto's beautiful head of hair (and face)?

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Hombre Hair
Leave it to the effortlessly cool Leto to put the om in ombre hair. Channel some seriously zen vibes with hair like Leto's, which seamlessly takes you from warm brown to beachy blonde in a single 'do. It's the perfect option for indecisive gals who can't settle on just one color.

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Swept Up
For a quick-and-easy hairstyle refresh, take this photo to your stylist and request Leto's stylish sideswept bangs.

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Exploring New Territory
Ditch the boring Dora the Explorer-like blunt pageboy cut for an envelope-pushing asymmetrical haircut à la Leto. Como se dice hot?

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Make Your Hair Stand on End
Leto's pink Mohawk may be too much for even the boldest of babes, but you can still dabble with a similarly daring 'do by dying or shaving a portion of your hair. After all, you can always hide an undercut or a small strip of rainbow-colored hair.

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