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These "Humans of New York" Photos Redefine Beauty in the Best Way

Photographer Brandon Stanton's everyday portraits show us what beauty and confidence really look like
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Banish Judgment
"As a people photographer, my first response to something new is not aesthetic judgment, but rather thankfulness. Without the risk takers, I'd have nothing new to photograph." -- Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York photographer

Photo 2/17
Just You
"Don't try to be someone else's beautiful."

Photo 3/17
Know Yourself
"Everyone needs to have their own blueprint. Just because it looks good on someone else, doesn't mean it's going to look good on you."

Photo 4/17
Take Pride
"I have a Tanzanian friend who is a little embarrassed to wear her native clothing. I was looking in her closet one day and I said: 'Whoa! Can I have these?'"

Photo 5/17
Dare to Be
"If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people, what would it be?" "Dare to be square in a round world. But don't steal that, it's copyrighted."

How often do you log on to Facebook to see yet another engaged friend, or scroll through Instagram wondering how your old roommate got that perfect bikini-ready body? It's easy to get a little jealous of others with today's omnipresent social media. So it was more than a little refreshing when we came across photographer Brandon Stanton's rapidly spreading Tumblr account, Humans of New York. Stanton's photos capture pieces of everyday life from New Yorkers he stops in the street. Stanton's subjects share their happiest moments, their biggest fears, the advice they would share with a large group of people ... anything Stanton thinks others may connect with.

Here at Total Beauty we obviously connected with how others personally define beauty and style. Many of Stanton's subjects share their mantras for confidence (announce yourself like the queen you are), their penchant for shrugging off others' rude comments or judgmental behavior and their kick-ass attitude as the person they choose to show the world. These Humans of New York photos have us rethinking what beauty truly is.
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