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21 Genius Hacks for Getting Rid of Chapped Lips

Chapped lips don't have to be the norm. Just try one of these supereasy fixes.
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Finding a fix for chapped lips -- it's at the top of our list every winter. Despite our best efforts, we all find ourselves dealing with dry, flaky lips at times -- no matter how vigilantly we apply lip balm. Luckily, there are a lot of simple things you can do to prevent and heal perpetually parched lips.

To find out how to get rid of chapped lips once and for all, we consulted Dr. Janet Prystowsky, a leading board certified dermatologist based in New York City; Dr. Michael Swann, a board certified dermatologist and Mohs skin expert in Springfield, MO at Swann Dermatology and Esthetics; as well as the highly regarded New York-based board-certified dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick, owner of Sadick Dermatology practice.

From emphatic endorsements for balms found in everyone's bathroom, to lesser-known all-natural tips, using products found in your kitchen, read on for the only chapped lips remedies you'll need.

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All-Purpose Healer
It doesn't get much simpler or basic than petroleum jelly. "These products form protective barriers over your lips that help keep them hydrated," says Prystowsky. Both she and Swann count petroleum-based Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $12, among their favorite chapped lips remedies. It contains moisturizing ingredients to nourish dry lips, while petroleum prevents moisture loss. If using good old Vaseline, apply over a hydrating lip balm.

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For More Natural Lip Protection
If petroleum-based products aren't your jam, there are plenty of other barrier-forming lip treatments that are more eco-friendly, like Glossier's The Balm Dotcom, $12 -- the chapped lip salve with a cult following. Beeswax, lanolin and castor seed oil lock moisture in, while cupuacu fruit extract moisturizes and soothes.

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Exfoliate Chapped Lips
Though it may sound counterintuitive, gentle exfoliation is key when it comes to fixing chapped lips. According to Sadick, it stimulates the healing process. Exfoliate no more than twice a week.

For a lip scrub that won't be too harsh on lips, try Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, $24. Its brown sugar crystals slough off dead skin without irritating.

For a DIY lip scrub, massage your lips with a soft-bristled toothbrush, or make a paste out of brown sugar and honey or coconut oil.

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What About Severely Chapped Lips?
To treat severely chapped lips, follow your lip exfoliation with Sadick's healing regimen:

Apply aloe vera twice a day to alleviate inflammation (we like Aubrey Pure Aloe Vera Gel, $12.95). Finish with a lip balm containing colloidal oatmeal and natural oils, such as Carmex Comfort Care Lip Balm, $1.99, which, says Sadick, will moisturize, protect and aid skin regeneration. Like Glossier's The Balm Dotcom, this Carmex balm is made with castor oil, beeswax and cupuacu butter.

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