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7 Honeymoon Beauty Product Must-Packs

Everything you need in your suitcase for a picture-perfect post-wedding vacation
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Your bridal beauty plan shouldn't stop at "I do" -- but your skin care regimen shouldn't put a damper on your honeymoon adventure. That's where this survival kit comes in handy.

These beauty products are the only ones you need (except for, say, a few of your favorite makeup items) to conquer every potential honeymoon hurdle -- from red-eye flights to crazy climates -- while looking your best.

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To Stay Fresh-Faced
Pack: A multitasking moisturizer

Nothing will wipe away your just-married glow like a parched complexion -- at the same time, we totally understand if you don't feel like your overstuffed luggage can accommodate multiple face lotions. Instead, pack a moisturizer that is hydrating enough for nighttime use, but light enough for daytime use. The only drawback is, if you're relying on just one face cream, you won't probably want one with SPF, which brings us to our next honeymoon essential...

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To Protect Your Skin
Pack: Sunscreen

Whether you're lounging poolside in Palm Springs, finding balance in Bali or strolling the streets of Paris, do not hit the airport without sun protection. After all, somebody's depending on your support for as long as you both shall live, so you should probably do everything in your power to steer clear of skin cancer (and, though less life-threatening, wrinkles). To save room in your bag, look for a sunscreen you and your hubby can use on your faces and bodies. Pick a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 that defends against both UVA and UVB rays.

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To Stay Camera Ready
Pack: Oil-absorbing sheets

When you're busy ducking in and out of museums in Florence or hiking in Patagonia, powder touch-ups probably aren't top of mind. But who wants to look shiny in that honeymoon Facebook album? Instead of stashing a compact in your purse, bring a packet of oil-absorbing sheets. They're light and small, and a few blots will leave your face matte and iPhone-ready.

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To Have a Week of Good Hair Days
Pack: Curl or wave cream

Not to sound dramatic, but deciding which of your abundant styling products to pack for a week away can feel a little like "Sophie's Choice." Though we're huge fans of texture spray...and shine serums...and hair spray, we'd like to make a case for curl or wave cream.

If you're vacationing somewhere warm and humid, you may not feel the urge to blow-dry -- and even if you do, would you want to rely on dinky hotel hair-dryers? Not to mention, the more time you spend styling your hair, the less time you have for other activities (wink, wink). Instead, work on mastering perfect air-dried hair.

After gently toweling off your hair, add a little bit of your curl cream. It'll stop your hair from getting poufy and it'll enhance your hair's natural wave. Just make sure you don't pick one that requires heat to work (duh).

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