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The Best Products for Healthier, Happier Hair This Winter

They're real hair heroes.
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Winter does have some redeeming qualities. After all, who doesn't love wrapping their hands around a steaming mug of hot chocolate? Or building then inhaling a gingerbread house?

One of its major downsides? A whole plethora of hair-raising problems. Literally.

A lack of moisture in the air sucks our strands and scalps dry causing itchiness, static, frizz and even breakage. During these colder months, it's vital to stock up on products that moisturize and protect. As well as guard against the elements.

From skin care for your scalp to unconventional shampoos and conditioners, these products will be your seasonal best friends. That's because they'll deliver healthier hair even in the middle of winter. Plus, they'll help you look your best for all of those upcoming family gatherings.

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Founded in 2019 by hairstylist Helen Reavey, Act+Acre focuses on bettering hair health by zeroing in on scalp care. Containing 2 percent apple stem cells, this serum boosts collagen production in your scalp, which reduces the signs of dryness, thinning and fallout.

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This product is a game changer. Clarify your scalp with this thorough yet gentle scalp scrub. Infused with sea salt, it also doubles as shampoo clearing the scalp of irritants without drying it out. After just one use, this product reduces itchiness and leaves hair looking shiny and fresh.

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We love a leave-in treatment that doesn't weigh our locks down. This spray is suitable for all hair types and not only detangles and nourishes, it doubles as a heat protectant. Give your hair the extra boost of moisture it needs to make it through the day.

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Act+Acre Scalp Gua Sha, $40

You've already tried gua sha on your face, now try it on your scalp. Another gem of a product from Act+Acre, this jade stone tool is meant to be used with a scalp treatment. It promotes circulation and helps with product absorption.

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