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10 Stylist-Approved Tips for Great Hair

Want to know what it takes to get amazing hair? These hair experts have a few tips for you
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If your hair just hasn't been behaving lately and you're about at your wit's/split's end, then keep on reading: We talked to top hairstylists about everything you need to know to take your hair from kinda okay to sort of freakin' amazing. Keep reading to see their top tips, from the importance of great bangs to the fact that dry shampoo is a girls' best friend.

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'It's about the haircut'

Katie Murphy, Creative Director at Suite 303 salon in New York says the key to great hair is how you cut it — and that said cut should address your own specific lifestyle, as well as hair texture. "At Suite 303 we are all about ready-to-wear hair," says Murphy. "Hair care is very important. We use Oribe, Davine's and Rahua products. A product library is kept for each client, because the changing of seasons means a change of product. We will tailor it to their specific needs."

Murphy advises that you can use those summer beach days to do a treatment on your hair. "Beach days can be used as a treatment day by keeping a fresh water bottle and an Aquis hair towel to perfectly prep hair for your favorite leave-in treatment. Apply to each section while doing twists. It builds and protects [and] it's a super cool look for the beach," says Murphy.

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'Don't fight your natural texture'

Vanessa Alcala from Marie Robinson hair salon says you have to accept the texture you have and not fight with it. "Finding the perfect product to enhance your natural texture can be kind of tricky," says Alcala. These are some of her favorite products which she says should work well for most textures:

Color Wow Dream Coat, $28: for the perfect, zero frizz blow out

Oribe Lightweight Leave-in Supershine Light Moisturizing Cream, $52: great to moisture and define waves

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Protective Hair Oil, $69: adds shine and softness

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'Frame your face properly'

Nick Arrojo from Arrojo salon says, "I'm not into hard and fast beauty rules; life's too short."

But, there are still some guidelines that can help you have a great hair day every day. Firstly, create an eye-catching face frame with your hairstyle. "It may be a cliche, but it is also true: Your eyes are the windows to the soul. A hairstyle should be designed to complement them, so focus on a face-frame to expose and highlight eyes," says Arrojo. "That's where we communicate, and it's where we have most shape — the eyebrows, the cheekbones, the temples. Enhance these features with great hair."

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'Get rid of the tangles'

This may seem like a silly one, but Arrojo is adamant that it is important to comb out those tangles as they make hair harder to style and therefore harder to handle. "Ladies with mid-length or long hair usually have a few tangles," says Arrojo. "Start by combing through the final two-to-three inches of your hair using Arrojo Cream Whip, $23, to help detangle, condition and soften the hair and comb through to the tips. Then, work your way back, combing through the next three inches or so and continue like this until you reach your roots." Arrojo also says that a great detangling brush can also do the trick.

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