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9 Hair Products That Make It Look Like You Just Had a Fresh Trim

Give these a spritz (when you haven't had a snip)
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Those who didn't get regular haircuts before (guilty) are likely not getting them now — or at all. While nothing will have the exact same effect as a professional haircut (emphasis on "professional"), these split end-smoothing products will help give life to straggly strands.

Trust us, these are the hair treatments and styling products you need to make your layers look less limp (and your dry ends less fried). And who knows? They might even make it possible to wear your hair down again! Click through the gallery to see the smoothing hair products that make it look like you just had a reviving trim.

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Virtue Healing Oil, $42
In need of some hair healing? Enter this all-around oil that revives, protects, softens and adds shine courtesy of the brand's Alpha Keratin 60ku protein. The non-greasy hair oil is designed with all hair types in mind and comes out perfectly clear (so even pastel and icy blonde hair will retain their true hues).

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If you use a sleeping mask for your face, it might just be time to add an overnight hair mask to your arsenal. The formula is suitable for all hair types and it's not mandatory to rinse it off in the morning. It features lighter gel-based treatment formulated with the brand's Ocean Silk Technology, which utilizes natural elements and minerals to restore shine and softness.

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Refresh hair in the shower with this replenishing, anti-frizz conditioner. Apply it for two minutes and let the glycerin and hydrolyzed quinoa and linseed get to work.

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The popular British brand is now stateside — and that means we can get our hands on these deeply nourishing hair products. Twist off the cap from one of the individual treatments and apply the aloe vera and vitamin E-rich formula to strands for 5-10 minutes. Split ends, what split ends?

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