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5 Hair Oils You Can Try Even If You Have Fine Hair

Dry but fine hair? You could benefit from these hair oils.
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A friend of mine who has fine, straight hair always jokes that she only has "five hairs" and that if she used any hair oil she would look like she had gone swimming in it. As someone with thick, curly hair, I couldn't relate — even though I figured she was probably right.

Until I discovered that she was actually wrong: You see, there are some great hair oils you can use for fine hair that aren't overly heavy or extra greasy. The beauty industry has not failed you! Keep reading to see some of our favorite hair oils for fine hair.

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This one's great because it has a spray mechanism, which makes it especially good for targeted application. It's made with nourishing, shine-inducing ingredients like camellia, argan and pracaxi oils and it's also great for protecting your strands.

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This oil is formulated with sandalwood, cedarwood and argan oils — and, bonus, it helps protect the hair from UV damage. It also tames frizz like a champ, doesn't weigh down hair and a little goes a long way (so even though it's somewhat pricey, you won't have to restock too often).

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This isn't technically a hair oil, but it is nourishing, anti-frizz and moisturizes and smooths hair without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy.

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You can use this one on any part of your body, but especially your hair. There's a pump nozzle so you only need to dispense as much as much need into the palm of your hand, then slide your hands through your hair while focusing on the ends. Simple as that.

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