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15 Minimalist Hair Accessories We Found on Etsy

Is it just us or does helping a small business instantly make your outfit look better?
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It's no secret that popular e-commerce site Etsy is taking over. The site lets DIY enthusiasts from all over the world sell handmade, vintage and overall unique items. Fashion and beauty babes everywhere can be seen putting larger, more well-known retailers on the back burner so they can experience something funkier and more eye-catching that no one else will have. We love Etsy so much because it's truly a destination where you can find anything from home decor to a one-of-a-kind vintage band tee or even hair accessories.

Of course, our closets are filled with handbags, jewelry and shoes, but hair accessories are the one cherry on top that we often forget. Need more convincing? We've gathered 15 of our absolute favorite minimalist hair accessories from Etsy that truly speak for themselves. Pair them with your most daring patterned outfit for a simple touch or keep things basic by letting your hair accessory be the outfit's main attraction.

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Brass Geometric Barrette, $36
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Minimalist Bar Ring, $12.03
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Hammered Copper Bun Holder, $42
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Simple Gold Bead Hair Tie, $3.50
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