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Get Your Daily Dose of Veggies... With Your Skin Care Products

They're basically green juice for your skin
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So, you've become a green juice devotee... but has your skin care routine followed suit? It might be time for an update: A number of buzz-worthy brands are ahead of the curve with serums, exfoliators, creams, face mask, and makeup wipes that are packed with greens, ranging from actual vegetables like cucumbers and beets to algae and seaweed. Turns out, these good-for-you ingredients are just as beneficial for your complexion, with benefits that range from boosting your glow to soothing redness. Want to add some of these health-conscious skin care products to your routine? Keep on reading to check out some of our top picks.

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Give your face a good cleanse with these detoxifying cloths — these beauties wipe away pollution and makeup without drying out or irritating sensitive skin. Plus, they are made with rosemary and lotus flowers for a subtle fragrance and not-so-subtle glow.

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Lightweight, non-greasy serums are rare gems — and this antioxidant-packed option from Jane Iredale is one of the greenest ones out there. The ingredients include sea lettuce, a type of green algae, and Japanese Wireweed, a brown seaweed. Along with hyaluronic acid, they hydrate the skin by giving the exact amount of moisture it needs depending on the given humidity levels — which means they're smart in more ways than one.

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Lentils? On your face? Yep, it's a thing. This unique cream-to-gel formula from Arbonne features lentil seed extract, which helps reduce your oily sheen. Along with it's mattifying capabilities, the cream has apple fruit extract to hydrate and soften the skin.

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The ingredients in this scrub — bamboo, aloe, cucumber, and coconut — will give you major beach vacay vibes. But really, it can be used anytime, anywhere when you want more clear, radiant skin (so, 24/7?). The formula is even packed with other good-for-skin ingredients like witch hazel and St John's wort to reduce redness and unclog pores.

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