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We Made the Impossible Happen: 7 (Work-Appropriate) Days of Glitter Makeup

Think glitter makeup can't coexist with office life? We thought so, too. Until this happened
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I'm a firm believer that there is no bad time or place to wear glitter makeup. Whenever a new glitter product lands on my desk, I can't help but scheme ways to wear these mesmerizing eye shadows and liners all day, every day -- even at the office. And thus, a challenge was born.

Look, I get that not everyone loves glitter as much as Lady Gaga, mermaids and I do (our office is pretty divided on the issue). So I set out to come up with seven wearable glitter makeup looks even glitter-phobes would wear (and then, when no one batted an eye at my tamer looks, I had to amp things up a little). Did I pull it off? See for yourself.

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Glitter Makeup Challenge: Day 1
The Look: It was a Monday, so I decided to go for a "glitter-lite" look, with just a touch of Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow, $32, in Peach in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them. From far away, the glitter makeup makes you look super alert. Up close is when you can really see all the sparkles.

Mom Says: "How is this different from your regular makeup?"

Office Reactions: "You look like an angel," exclaimed one coworker after getting a close-up. I'll take it.

My Comfort Level: You know when you're in a relationship long enough that you can wear your grossest sweats and not care what the other person thinks? Yeah, I was that comfortable.

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Glitter Makeup Challenge: Day 2
The Look: To show how easy it is to incorporate glitter makeup into your everyday life, I took one of my go-to eye shadow looks, added extra black liner and then used NYX Liquid Glitter Liner, $4.50, in Gold as an accent. Voila! The quickest way to take your daytime look to nighttime (unless you're me, then you'll wear this for both).

Mom Says: "It's very subtle, it could work for daytime."

Office Reaction: Mostly, people were impressed at how pigmented and easy-to-apply the glitter liner was.

My Comfort Level: This is my optimal level of glitter. I also love wearing tons of glitter (as you'll see later), but this is my favorite, low-maintenance way to wear glitter makeup -- plus, it's incredibly easy.

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Glitter Makeup Challenge: Day 3
The Look: Emboldened by the success (read: lack of embarrassment) of the previous days, I decided to jump to the look I had picked for Thursday. I used NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe Collection, $5.49, in Glam Azure to create an exaggerated cat eye. (P.S. I've never done a more precise cat eye, in less time, with any other liner.) Then, to really sparkle, I layered about three coats of Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner, $20, in Amp on top. I love these glitter liners because you don't ever have to worry about fallout.

Boyfriend's Take: Honestly, he was more startled by the fact that I was wearing a color (I have a real penchant for neutrals) than the glitter.

Office Reactions: There was a lot of studying my eye makeup, with no real comment on it. I like to think they were admiring my cat eye skills.

My Comfort Level: Like I ate a little too much fro-yo -- I was mildly uncomfortable, but still pleased with myself for pulling it off.

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Glitter Makeup Challenge: Day 4
The Look: I had Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow, $32, in Metallic Emerald, and I wanted to try something different with colorful/sparkly makeup. So I applied it like eyeliner to my lower lash line to add soft definition. Then, of course, I had to have a little extra glitter eye shadow up top. I used Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow, $35, in Cement on my lids, and then added a light dusting of E.L.F. Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow, $3, in Confetti to really catch the light. The shimmering shadow is great for layering over your boring matte eye shadows to give them a little extra oomph.

Friend's Opinion: The first thing she said to me when we met up for dinner was, "I love your eyeliner." (Also, our waiter poured me a little bit extra dessert wine, so I'm thinking I should always wear glitter makeup when I go out.)

Office Reactions: I was told that I looked like a mermaid, which is pretty much the only compliment I ever want to hear.

Comfort Level: I forgot my lunch at home, so I was a little nervous to walk to the salad bar down the street. No one gave me any weird looks, though, so after lunch I was feeling pretty secure.

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