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14 Gentle Face Cleansers That Are Total Game Changers

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Is it just us, or is finding the perfect cleanser something of a challenge? With all the different formulas made for all the different skin types, it's almost as hard as finding a pair of jeans that actually fits.

And if you happen to have finicky skin, the search gets even harder. An overzealous foam cleanser can leave your complexion overstripped and dry, while that tricky cream cleanser that leaves behind a film could leave to a breakout. What's a person to do?

That's why we've put this list together: Keep on reading and you'll find gentle face cleanser options that won't irritate sensitive skin or leave dry skin parched. Ready to meet your new favorite cleanser?

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Let's put it this way: This cleanser went viral for a reason. In addition to being gentle, it's an all-around treat to use, from the superlatively cute packaging to the fact that it removes eye makeup in a snap.

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We've enjoyed everything bee-themed from Farmacy and this gentle cleanser is especially nice. It foams into a rich lather that deeply cleanses without overstripping and the richly realistic honey scent makes it a luxurious experience.

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A tried and true classic. This is one of the best cleansers for sensitive skin out there — just massage it over your face and it cleanses without causing even a whit of irritation or dryness. You may want to double cleanse with this one (especially if you're sporting waterproof mascara) but it's an otherwise flawless pick.

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This SLS-free foaming cleanser is downright lovely: the gel texture creates a pleasing foam that leaves skin feeling refreshed without causing any dryness. You'll also notice that the green tea extract pulls double duty, making it a great pick for combination skin.

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