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21 Gemstone Tattoos So Pretty You Won't Need Jewelry Anymore

Who needs real gemstones when you can get a tattoo that's even prettier?
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Diamonds may very well be a girl's best friend…but what about a diamond tattoo? In all seriousness, it turns out that there's a whole host of absolutely beautiful gemstone tattoo designs out there, inspired by all of your favorite precious stones; from sparkling aquamarines to blood red rubies.

To that end, we've compiled a list of gemstone tattoos that are pure eye candy — whether that means an intricately rendered opal brooch or a quirky fine line crystal tattoo (or something in between). Ready to find your next piece of permanent fine jewelry? Read on.

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Purple Amethyst Heart

Don't you love the way the light seems to glance off of this many-faceted stone?

Image via @tattooist_uzi

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Double Diamonds

Here's a pair for the ages: Heart-stoppingly intricate renderings of an emerald cut and pear cut diamond, respectively.

Image via @mr.k_tattoo

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Opal Brooch

The detail the artist used to capture the multi-colored iridescence of this opal brooch (not to mention the sparkly fastenings) is pretty staggering.

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Emerald Cut

This emerald's simplicity makes it the perfect almost-jewelry for every occasion.

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