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11 French Pharmacy Skin Care Products That Are Super Popular on Reddit

It's a whole new world (or country) of skin care
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Intrigued by French skin care products but not quite sure where to start? Let Reddit be your guide. We've mined the SkincareAddiction subreddit for tips on the best products and they've got a lot of exciting recommendations. From cult favorites like the iconic Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream to under-the-radar picks like the multi-purpose La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5, this skin care-loving community has you covered. Keep reading for 11 top French pharmacy picks you should be using — best of all, you can score them online, right here.

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Seems like you can't go wrong with French sunscreens (La Roche-Posay's and Bioderma's options get name-checked a lot on Reddit) — and this one is particularly popular. Reddit user sweetbbcheesus says it's "the best sunscreen [she's] ever tried," praising the "super light" and "matte" formulation (which also happens to be "packed with antioxidants").

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If you're talking about French skin care, this cult-favorite cream is sure to come up. "A lot of makeup artists keep it in their makeup kit because it doesn't have a lot of common irritants and works well on a lot of different models," explains skincarescience4. "A little goes a long way too! You can use it to sheer out foundation too to get a lighter coverage." Other enthusiastic users add that the cream is great for imparting skin with a natural glow, while also acting as a good primer.

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Bioderma Sensibio H2O, $14.90
Here's another French pharmacy pick that has achieved superstar status on Reddit (and everywhere else). There are a lot of things that cement its holy grail status: MadameRoyale7 gushes that it "removes EVERYTHING without drying at all." CheesiestPopcorn agrees, saying, "I'd been happily using Garnier's micellar, but now that I bought this I'm never going back. It gets off eye makeup with barely a rub."

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This multi-purpose balm is definitely well-loved amongst the skin care fanatics of Reddit. "It's magic," writes mullindoll. "It's a thick, moisturizing cream that's designed for repair." She notes that she uses it to soothe her skin after using harsher chemical exfoliants. Plus, you can even use it on minor wounds: As sstevo_19 says, "It helps heal any cuts or scratches on my arms and legs."

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