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Follow These Fitness Gurus — Your Body Will Thank You

Free workouts, motivating pics and sure-fire inspiration for kicking your own butt in the gym
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While scrolling through Instagram does, in fact, burn calories (holla), you probably won't find yourself coming out as ripped or toned as the fitness gurus you just spent two hours stalking. Luckily, all it takes is a visual reincarnation of our #fitnessgoals to make us run straight for the gym. Whether you want to lift weights, practice yoga or simply enjoy images of animals working out, these are the top fitness gurus you need to follow on Instagram right now for all your fitness motivation.

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If You Want to Switch Up Your Gym Routine
Follow: Noelle Benepe

Why: Benepe is like the big sister you want to go to for all of your fitness advice. She frequently posts short workout videos of cool ways to maximize your gym equipment (yes, you can use a hamstring curl machine for a glute exercise) and she always accompanies her selfies with some thoughtful words of wisdom. Oh -- and her workout gear is all the fitness fashion #inspo you need.

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If You Love to Travel and Do Yoga
Follow: Tara Stiles

Why: Because who doesn't enjoy pictures of a wanderlust yogi? She sends out positive vibes with her uplifting life mantra posts, and inspires yogis everywhere to practice their king dancer pose in the most adventurous places -- like the Great Wall of China -- NBD.

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If You Need Some Clean-Eating Recipes
Follow: Estelle Allen

Why: She takes healthy #foodporn to the next level. Between her super smoothie recipes and Sunday morning brunch plate, she has every vegetable on her dish looking like art. I mean, even that salad looks better than the burger we've been craving all week (crazy, right?).

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If You Need a Personal Trainer Who Gets You
Follow: Savannah Rose Neveux

Why: If there's anyone who understands your undying love for pizza, it's Savannah Rose Neveux. In fact, she frequently reminds her followers that her happy place is wherever there's a large pepperoni, but doesn't forget to encourage women to embrace the weights to burn it off. Having started her fitness journey as a college student, she gives great advice for anyone who needs help transitioning into the #fitlife.

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