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6 Eraser Sticks to Fix Every Makeup F**ckup

These makeup removers (in pen and stick form) give you a second chance to fix a botched makeup application
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It happens to the best of us: Our cat eye goes wonky on one side, our mascara smears along our lower lashes, our brow pencil draws outside the lines. Instead of destroying your otherwise meticulous makeup application and starting over (or making your skin red and irritated by scrubbing with a Q-tip), try one of these makeup remover wands. They erase all traces of even your biggest makeup f**ckups -- saving you precious getting-ready time, Here, our favorite makeup removers in magic wand form.

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The Pencil That Saves You From All Makeup Mistakes
Nudestix Clean Up Pencil, $24

Not only does this portable, preservative-free pencil swipe away errant eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara, it does it all without uncomfortably tugging on skin, thanks to jojoba seed oil, and also conditions skin with chamomile flower extract. (While we'd never recommend sleeping with your makeup on, we'll also admit it's perfect for eliminating any post-sexy-sleepover raccoon eyes.)

And, its uses go beyond eye makeup: This nifty little pen can help refresh your foundation and concealer if it gets splotchy or creased.

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The Drugstore Beauty Buy That Fixes Minor Makeup Errors
E.L.F. Makeup Remover Pen, $3

This makeup remover pen is like the Tide to Go of the beauty world: A must-have in your purse at all times, as you never know when makeup mayhem (or, in Tide to Go's case, wine spillage) will strike. The clear formula easily removes small makeup mistakes, as well as mascara flakes and runny eyeliner, and is infused with conditioning vitamin E, cucumber and chamomile.

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The Luxe Makeup Remover That's Perfect for Travel
Givenchy Mister Perfect Instant Makeup Eraser High Definition, $31

Some people prefer to fly sans makeup -- seeing as how I refuse to go to the gym without a bit of mascara on, I clearly don't fall into this category. Anyone who travels (whether it's a plane ride or road trip) with makeup on knows that, if you fall asleep, it's bound to get messed up. That's why this luxe little guy is a lifesaver, and always finds its way into my carry-on. Made with skin-soothing fig extract and a cleanser derived from coconut, it brushes away any smudges, creases or smears that may occur while you were snoozing.

It conveniently comes with three spare tips, should you be especially prone to makeup mistakes (or spontaneous naps).

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The Non-Irritating Makeup Remover Pen for the Perfect Cat Eye
Océane Makeup Remover Pen, $5.40

This toss-in-your-purse-and-go pen can fix just about any makeup blunder on your eyes, big or small -- it's precise enough to make your cat eye sharper, but also stands up to the task of smeared mascara. The non-irritating, fragrance-free liquid makeup remover that comes out of the tip makes it easier than ever to get your cat eye even on both sides (a noble cause, indeed).

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