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These Next-Gen Fitness Streaming Services Will Change the Way You Work Out

There's a streaming service for every budget and workout style
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Whether you rely on fitness streaming to augment your gym workout or to guide you through a sweat session in the comfort of your own home, a whole lot has changed in the world of digital workouts lately. Fitness streaming has grown exponentially in three main areas.

Audio-only workouts

Audio-only apps, like current trend-leader Aaptiv, offer everything from HITT to running to boxing workouts. Many love this option because it's a simple way to stream a guided workout (trying to set up your iPhone in the middle of a gym so that you can actually follow a dynamic workout without wrecking your neck is not fun).

Glossy, celebrity trainer collectives

Celebrity trainer collectives, like those offered by Obé, are also exploding as they not only give everyone access to Instagram fitness celebrities like Megan Roup, but do so at an incredibly low price (one month will cost you less than one IRL class).

Pricey streaming services that require buying expensive equipment

Luxe streaming is having a major moment. Following in the footsteps of Peloton's incredible success, for those willing to spend three or even four figures, you can now do everything from row to run to box in the comfort of your own home.

Read on for all the standout players leading these streaming trends.

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Aaptiv offers over 2,500 guided workouts with 40 new classes added every week, all of which are audio-only and cover everything from running to boxing to HITT.

Aaptiv is $14.99 a month and there is a 7-day free trial.

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Choose from two workout tabs with Gold's: Cardio and Strength. You can then choose workouts across various categories including Bike, Treadmill and Total Body Workouts before being seamlessly guided through your workout of choice via audio-only instruction for cardio, or video for the strength portion.

Gold's Amp is $9.99 a month and there is a 7-day free trial.

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Obé offers a long list of live and on-demand classes (over 500) with new ones added every day. Celebrity trainers like Megan Roup have made the 80s-inspired (at least in aesthetic) platform one of the most buzzed about and a long list of celebrities like Katie Lee and Shanina Shaik are vocal fans.

Obé is $27 a month and there is a 7-day free trial.

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Classpass changed IRL workouts when it first launched and now the brand is getting into the at-home game as well. The point of difference is that the workouts are designed to be synced to a heart rate monitor so you can track all your metrics. Classpass offers a variety of classes and a long list of instructor options.

Classpass is $19 a month and there is a one-month free trial.

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