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Things Only People With Fitness Buddies Will Understand

When your BFF knows your BMI, a truly beautiful bond is formed
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Sometimes finding the motivation to work out on your own can be harder than the actual workout itself -- which is why many of us have come to rely on a fitness buddy to meet our fitness goals. But gym BFFs do so much more than motivate us to get our butt in gear -- they know us on a deep and personal level. Not only do they know our BMI, but they've heard all of our weird, grunt-y (should-only-be-reserved-for-the-bedroom) sounds we make when lifting weights.

And because exercising alongside someone creates such an intimate bond, some pretty weird things can start to happen when you work out with someone on the regular. Your fitness routines -- and your minds -- start to sync up. Throw in the fact that you experience that post-workout endorphin rush together and you've pretty much guaranteed yourself a buddy who will stick around long after your impressive muscles have begun to sag.

But don't take our word for it: Here, the amazing things that happen when you have a fitness buddy.

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Feel the Burn
You always encourage each other -- sometimes with a bit of sass.

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Safety in Numbers
She gives you the courage to finally try that crazy new fitness class you've always been too intimidated to try -- and the two of you end up totally owning the class from the front row.

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That's a Stretch
Your stretching routine starts to resemble something out of the "Kama Sutra" or you regularly show off with acrobat-like moves when prepping for your workout together.

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In Sync
You get crazy in sync with one another, so much so that people think you have some sort of weird ESP connection.

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