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15 Stunning Feather Tattoos for Ink Newbies and Tattoo Junkies Alike

You won't regret the elegance of a feather tattoo
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Tattoo trends come and go, but one classic choice that's always a favorite among tastemakers is a well-placed feather tattoo. With their free spirit meanings and music festival-ready aesthetic, this boho addition will give your skin an update that captures your overall laid-back vibe. Whether you're a beginner or have a few tattoos already, one of these will take your ink game to the next level.

Not sold on the idea of a feathery statement? We've got you covered with a roundup of the best ways to put this stylish must-have on display. From black and white minimalist options to watercolor dream catchers that wow, this collection of feather tattoos will have your Pinterest feed beat.

Check out these images of it-girls that are nailing the look and get some inspo for your next appointment at the parlor. No matter where these understated pieces are added, one thing's for sure -- your perfectly planned outfits are about to get a serious upgrade.

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Watercolor Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo
Make a splash by introducing some eye-catching color to your skin. This on-trend tattoo design serves up some serious style and is made only better with these feathery favorites. Skip the fine details and opt for something a bit more abstract, like this next-level dream catcher, to really make a statement.

Image via @georgiareynyc

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Fantasy Feather Tattoo
If you're a "Game of Thrones" fan, look no further than this multipurpose feather that also doubles as a sword. Capture all of your obsessions by getting a bit creative with your personal design and incorporating more than one element. This fantasy-friendly addition will certainly wow.

Image via @_dr_woo_

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Boho Anklet Feather Tattoo
Feeling those 90's vibes? We can't blame you. Pay some homage to the era by rocking an anklet that is meant to be shown off permanently. Add a feather charm that overlaps onto your foot for an extra touch that will capture that sought-after boho style.

Image via @nandotattooer

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Detailed Feather Tattoo
Feathers come in all sorts of styles when it comes to tattoos, but the intricate details that go into these swoon-worthy options are what's really noteworthy. Find an artist that can emphasize those certain wispy details that you love and you're guaranteed to love your new ink.

Image via @shortyloco

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