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The 12 Most Stylish Scrunchies to Wear This Fall

Or, how to have the most stylish ponytail in town
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Who would've thought that the scrunchies you wore as a child would come back as a bona fide fashion trend? Even though we didn't see it coming, we're grateful that this 90s staple is back: Because in addition to looking quite chic, scrunchies are great for keeping your hair out of your face. Plus, there are so many different styles to choose from — so you can wear them for pretty much any occasion; from your first day at college, to a date, or even a job interview. Vive la scrunchie!

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8 Other Reasons Bree Pack, $25 for three
You'll have the right scrunchie for every outfit with this variety set. It comes with three scrunchies in mustard, black, and cream; each accented with gold-tone metallic dots for a touch of glam.

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Slip Ribbon, $45
Wear an elegant updo or a charming low ponytail with this ultra-classy silk ribbon. It's available in solid colors like black, white and caramel, but since animal prints are all the rage at the moment, you might want to try the leopard print. Bonus: It's specially designed to be extra gentle on your hair — so no snags or creases!

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Lelet Ball Hoop Pony, $128
Okay, so this isn't technically a scrunchie — but we're including it anyway, since it's a gorgeous way to dress up your ponytail. This statement accessory is perfect for intimate date nights or other formal occasions.

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Donni Velvet Chiquita, $25
Here's the perfect scrunchie for the holiday season: It's equal parts comfy and chic, thanks to its luxe velvety texture.

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