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These Fall Hair Color Trends Will Put You in Touch With Your Dark Side

It's time to say goodbye to those summer shades
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Exuberant platinum and warm blorange tones may have had their big moment in the summer, but as the fall foliage starts peeking through, it never hurts to tone down your color once the temperatures start to dip. And while tailoring your hair color to the seasons may seem over the top, it's a great way to speak to your darker side, and revive your color from all the summer damage you may have indulged in. To get the perfect fall color, it's important to note that all color looks are getting a little moodier this autumn. From edgy shadow roots to jewel tone shades, here are some of the shades expert colorists expect to be trending this fall.

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Brunettes Should Go For Deep Chocolate Shades
When it comes to brunette tones, going deep and rich is the way to go this season. "Brunettes should dare to be bold this fall," says celebrity colorist Nikki Lee, who has worked with famous brunettes such as Selena Gomez and Nina Dobrev. "I just created a beautiful rich, reddish brown color on actress Sarah Hyland, so definitely try going for a deep chocolate brown color this fall season."

And although going bolder may seem like it requires a lot of maintenance, Lee says quick root touch-up kits can provide an easy way to richen up your pre-existing brunette color. She recommends the Garnier Nutrisse Nudes Collection to deepen your existing brown without adding too much warmth.

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If You're A Pale Brunette, Add Auburn Undertones
To flatter a pale complexion with lighter eyes, brunettes should add auburn, red or mahogany undertones to the hair to give it some added dimension. However, the key here is to keep your root dark, so those pops of auburn help frame your face. This prevents your overall color result from looking flat.

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Warm and Deep Brunettes Should Place Chocolate Tones Throughout
Warm and deep brunettes may have played with blonde and caramel highlights in the summer, but to richen up your brown this fall, it's time to tone those highlights down to a rich chocolate shade. Ask your colorist to carefully paint some face-framing chocolate toned highlightings throughout your hair. Again, the trick is to keep your base as natural as possible, and let all the highlights do the talking.

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Blondes Should Play With Caramel Or Butterscotch Tones
Blondes are also going a bit darker this fall, as lowlights and caramel tones help take your pre-existing color down a notch. "For blondes, lowlights in caramel and butterscotch shades help deepen up a look, and add dimension for the transition out of summer,"says L'Oreal Professionnel Artist, Johnny Ramirez.

Toning down your blonde has the added benefit of being more flattering and wearable, since extreme platinum shades tend to look harsh on certain skin tones. Ramirez advises that warmer skin tones should choose more neutral shades, while cooler tones should opt for butterscotch colors that enhance their eye color.

"If you have a warmer skin tone, a neutral cool brown shade with amber-gold highlights would best complement your complexion," adds Ramirez. "Warmer caramel and butterscotch colors work best for cooler skin tones and eye colors. Having this contrast in color combinations helps to highlight both your features, resulting in a look that isn't washed out or monochromatic."

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