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Solutions To All Your Unsexy Beauty Woes

Say goodbye to thigh chafing.
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The right branding and packaging can normalize any product. No longer are vaginal bacteria-killing products and eczema creams banished to the back of your medicine cabinet. Even acne is being embraced thanks to brands like Starface , which turned brightly colored blemish patches into must-have accessories. Brands like Starface aren't all about style over substance, however. The industry-shifting products featured in the following slideshow work just as great as they look and effectively treat everything from boob sweat to thigh chafing.

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Starface, founded by former ELLE beauty director Julie Schott, combines clinically-backed ingredients with cuteness. As soon as you feel a blemish forming, put one of the brand's hydrocolloid patches on the spot to protect it from bacteria while the patch sucks out fluid. They don't work on cystic acne, but the patches will help speed up the healing process when it comes to whiteheads while helping you avoid the temptation to pop that zit.

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Thigh Chafing
When Megababe founder Katie Sturino pitched her product to male investors, they didn't think thigh chafing was a major issue. She quickly proved them wrong when Megababe's first product Thigh Rescue sold out in a week.

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Is your face breaking out because you're wearing a face mask for hours a day? Mitigate the damage with The Aftermask, which is specifically designed to calm your skin after being exposed to mask-related aggressors.

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There are plenty of over-the-counter eczema options, but My Mommy Wisdom stands out thanks to its nonclinical packaging. Unlike many competitors, it's also filler-free with just a short list of ingredients.

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