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4 Easy Ways to Practice Self Care in 2019

Treat yourself to some "me" time in 2019
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The new year is the perfect time for some much-needed self-improvement and to set goals for the rest of the year. No need to stress about big changes just yet — instead, focus on the little things you can do to take care of yourself.

Making yourself the top priority — be it through fitness, health or career — will help you keep things in perspective. Taking the time to focus on your well-being will have a trickle-down effect that'll help boost other aspects of your life. And by keeping your goals more manageable, you're more likely to stay on track (unlike some of those overly-ambitious New Year's resolutions that end up getting abandoned come February). Keep reading for a few easy changes you can make to really put yourself first in 2019.

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Take care of your body

Health is wealth, as they say. Learn how to take a break and stop pushing your body past its limits. Give yourself some time to relax and recharge. Focus on gradual changes rather than quick fixes or crash diets — you'll find that simply choosing healthier options will do wonders towards making you feel better.

And with the renewed energy that comes with a healthy diet, you'll be able to take on regular exercise that works with your pace. Don't exert your body to the breaking point, instead, start with something simple like a brisk walk around the neighborhood or a morning yoga practice.

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Stay well-rested

At the end of the day, commit to going to bed at a reasonable hour without any distraction from technology. Take the time to stretch out tired muscles from a day well spent before going to bed. You'll find that you wake up refreshed and energized the next day. In just a few cycles, you'll notice a difference in your mood and energy.

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Take care of your mind

Every day we experience different challenges that can be mentally draining. Taking the time to find a quiet spot and meditate for a few minutes. Clearing your mind can help you find a better perspective in life. Allow yourself to savor the moment and put your worries aside. Instead of the usual nightly movie streaming or a social media roll, unplug from technology and enrich your mind with thought-provoking activities that interest and better your life.

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Prioritize yourself

Aside from your body, you should also take care of your soul and nurture your spirit. Surround yourself with people and things that you love. Cut ties with negativity and treat yourself better. Make time for the things you truly love to do — you'll be shocked what a huge difference it makes.

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