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The Drugstore Natural Deodorant That Convinced Me to Switch

If you've been considering a switch, this one's great!
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I've been using a very popular deodorant basically my entire adolescent and adult life. Over the last few years, however, I've noticed that it's stopped working for me. I'm not sure if the brand altered their formula (I've heard others express similar issues), or if my own chemistry changed (it happens!)... but despite how many times I re-purchased or switched up the scents, it just wasn't working anymore.

So, what's a girl to do? Well, I set out to find a new favorite.

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On the Hunt for a Perfect Natural Deodorant

What better time to sample the natural deodorant niche than in the middle of scouting out your next holy grail deo? That's exactly what I did. (The fact that we're in the middle of a pandemic and I don't have to force others to smell me also made this easier).

In total, I probably sampled a half dozen different brands across all price spectrums, formulas, and scents. Some were absolutely terrible (as much as I tried to like them), some were amazing but a little too spendy, and others were meh. The winner? Pacifica Coconut Cream Clean Deodorant, $12, which I've been using consistently over the last three months.

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What I Love About this Natural/Clean Deodorant

I wasn't dead set on choosing a natural deodorant — in fact, my previous HG was not a "natural" product. However, since I was in the market and genre has really exploded in recent years, I figured I should entertain the idea. I was keen on trying Pacifica's Clean Deodorant lineup for a few reasons. First, the scents seemed nice and I'm especially fond of coconut. Second, the packaging was pretty and I'm a sucker for a great cover. Third, the formula seemed simple and — most importantly — effective.

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The Formula

Currently, Pacifica sells three versions of its Clean Deodorant: Coconut Cream (my fave), Sandalwood Incense, and Watermelon Rainbow. All three are free of aluminum and made with two primary ingredients: arrowroot powder and odor-fighting enzymes. The first two also contain baking soda. The baking soda creates a more powdery and thicker product, but it really helps trap odor and keep your underarm area drier.

Watermelon Rainbow is formulated without the baking soda, and so it applies more slickly. I did like the slickness of the application, but I found it didn't pass the smell test the way the other two options did. It's formulated specifically for sensitive skin types, so it may be worth looking into if that's you.

YMMV, but my fave was the coconut cream because of the scent and formula!

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Putting it Through Some Proper Tests

So how do you "test" a deodorant? Sure, go about your business per usual... but definitely throw in a few stress tests in there, too. To "control" my very scientific study, I used my previous favorite deodorant on one armpit, and then would sample the new deodorant on the other.

Eventually, I found myself switching to just wearing the Pacifica Coconut Clean Deodorant throughout the day and during more extreme scenarios (such as working out, hiking, or spending time outdoors in the hot sun for extended periods). I honestly was pretty amazed at how well it worked for me, and I feel great knowing that it's a simple formula free of aluminum.

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