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We Made Donald Trump's Hair Even More Amazing With These Celeb Hairstyle Swaps

Because why not?
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Donald Trump is famous for so many things. He's an entrepreneur, a reality star and he's, you know, running for president of the United States of America. It's impossible to turn on the TV or internet without reading or hearing Trump's name. And since it's basically impossible to disconnect from the media, that's just the world we live in right now.

But whether you love him or hate him, there's no denying that Trump is also famous, or infamous, for his hair -- AKA The Donald hair. Trump's hair is a media sensation all on its own. He may have been born with that hair, or he may rock a toupée -- but that's neither here nor there. What matters is that Trump's hair exists, and it's simultaneously fascinating and terrifying.

So we decided to see what Trump would look like with 16 recognizable celeb hairstyles Photoshopped onto his head. Because sometimes lightening the mood is exactly what we need.

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Even the Kids Are Doing It
Does Biebs have Donald Trump hair or does Donald Trump have Biebs hair? Their 'dos are amazingly similar.

Photo 3/17
Sporting the Blue Steel hair, it's impossible for Trump not to be really, really ridiculously good looking.

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My So Called Long Hair
We're assuming there's never been a presidential nominee with Jared Leto hair, but never say never.

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Look at the Bowl Cut on That One
Bowl cuts are flattering for precisely one human in the history of humans -- and that's Lloyd Christmas. But this "Dumb and Dumber" 'do will at least keep all the hairs in one place. You know, in case of a windy day at Trump National Golf Club. Or if there happens to be a wind machine on stage during Trump's next speech. Or whatever.

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