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9 Natural Beauty Products Dermatologists Swear By

Here's where dermatologists say it pays to buy eco-friendly products
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Fact: A sign of adulthood is wondering whether it's actually worth it to spend more for an organic label on anything from your produce to your yoga towel. But what about when you're restocking on a skin-care staple you've been using since high school? After all, a 50-cent difference between two varieties of apples is no big deal, but in the world of trendy, eco-friendly skin care, swapping your go-to brand for an organic brand can sometimes translate to extra zeroes on your bill.

But just like researching your grocery list (shoutout to the dirty dozen) and knowing when to go organic and when to go the "whatever gets the job done" route, buying organic skin care requires some legwork ahead of time. Instead of relying on Google (which still doesn't have a med school degree, as far as we know), consider taking recommendations from these top dermatologists. They're dishing on their very favorite natural beauty products -- the serums, creams and oils they suggest to their patients and pals -- all without the hassle of calling to make an appointment.

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Best Natural Sunscreen From the Drugstore
Promise Organic SPF 30 Coconut Sunscreen Lotion, $12.99

Since you wear sunscreen each and every single day (or, ahem, you should), you probably go through quite a bit every year. Consider upgrading your frequent purchase to a natural product that won't clog your pores. "Using only zinc oxide, this organic sunscreen provides high-quality protection against UV light and is appropriate for even the most sensitive skin," says dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD.

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Best All-Natural Charcoal Mask
Little Barn Apothecary Coconut Ash + Earth Deep Cleansing Mask, $50

Love to sport a mask while you catch up on your favorite shows? (And maybe indulge in some vino, too?) Pick up this one for your next binge -- it'll calm redness and clean out pores. "I love [this mask]," says dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldenberg, MD. "You can really feel this product working as you relax with it on your skin. It's easy to wash off and leaves your face feeling revitalized and clean," he adds.

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Best Natural Beauty Product Post-Workout
Lumion Skin Oxygen Mist, $24

To feel fresh or to cool down after a tough workout class, or just to have a hot second of Zen in the middle of a busy day, carry this dermatologist-recommended product in your bag. "I like [it] to set my makeup and spray as a refresher throughout the day," says dermatologist Dr. Dendy Engelman, MD. "It contains hypochlorous acid, which eliminates bacteria that may be sitting on the skin, [and] help[s] with breakouts and rapid aging from environmental aggressors. Plus, it is 100 percent all natural, using less than four ingredients," says Engelman.

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Best All-Natural Moisturizer Under $10
Jason Smoothing Coconut Oil, $9.12

Yep, you can cook with coconut oil and use it in place of toothpaste, but it also works as a reliable substitute for your lotion. "This melts into your skin for deep moisturization, and is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial," says dermatologist Dr. Jessie Cheung, MD. "This is a great natural moisturizer for anyone suffering from eczema, as it helps to repair the skin barrier," she adds.

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