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29 Cute Puppies Who Got SO Stuck

These puppies could really use a helping hand (or paw)
Photo 1/29
Gated Community
Why walk around when you can just walk straight through? (Or so this pup thought.)

Photo 2/29
Fenced In
This poor Beagle just wanted to see what else the world has to offer.

Photo 3/29
A Little R & R
Note to self: Dogs and hammocks do not mix.

Photo 4/29
Dog Park Shenanigans
"Guys, a little help?"

Photo 5/29
Me First!
We wonder what has these puppies racing to get out the door.

It's a fact of life: Puppies do silly things. Sometimes their humans are around to capture said silly things on camera. Hilarity (and adorableness) ensues. In the case of these cute puppies, they all found themselves in precarious situations that they couldn't get out of. From mischievous puppies stuck in toilet bowls to cute small dogs that couldn't wait to get out the door, these pictures of cute puppies are sure to make you smile.
OCT 22, 2013 | SHARES
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