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17 K-Beauty Products That Are So Cute You'll Die

Cuteness overload
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Sure, it's what's inside that counts... but when it comes to picking out Korean skin care and beauty products, we have to admit that the outside definitely comes into play as well. Call us shallow, but we find it tough to resist the wiles of, say, a bubble tea-themed sleeping mask or a tinted lip balm with dinosaurs roaring winsomely on the lid.

Ready to get in on all the cuteness? Luckily, these Korean beauty picks are as effective as they are aesthetically pleasing — so you'll be able to have your cake (or macaron-shaped lip balm, as the case may be) and eat it too.

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Are you familiar with the iconic Guerlain Meteorites? This Korean beauty blush is a lot like that — except even cuter (and quite a bit cheaper, too). Each blush comes with tiny heart-shaped capsules of pigment, meant to be swirled together for that perfect pink glow.

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This soothing gel moisturizer has a cooling effect, making it great for tackling redness. And from the cartoon bunny clad in oversized sunglasses and a bikini to millennial pink gingham pattern on the top to the roses swirling around the perimeter of the lid, it really doesn't get much cuter. Plus, who doesn't love all things rose-scented?

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Etude House is a popular Korean beauty brand known for its cuteness factor — and its bubble tea-inspired mask might just be one of its most adorable products of all. Designed to be worn overnight, this moisturizing mask is super hydrating and has a lovely vanilla scent.

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Innisfree Birthstone Matte Mineral Setting Powder, $8
Birthstone-themed setting powders? Take our money! These translucent loose powders are designed to keep shine in check and the Instagram-worthy pastel shades and cartoon gemstone renderings make them a must-have.

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