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6 Brands That Offer Bespoke Beauty Products Custom Made Just for You

Because you deserve customized beauty loot
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Why settle for shampoo and conditioner that anyone can use when you could have a set that's custom-crafted to your personal needs? And why swipe just any mascara when you could have one formulated specifically for your lashes? From the shower to your vanity, from one-of-a-kind lip color to a truly signature scent, this roundup of beauty companies that offer customized beauty products for each client will make you feel like a pampered princess.

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Prose Hair
The tagline for Prose Hair is "You, a stylist, and exactly what your hair needs" and the brand goes above and beyond to stay true to those words. Prices start at $25 for a shampoo and $25 for a conditioner, plus you can add on a $45 hair mask, as well.

To figure out the exact formulation for your products, you answer a very detailed set of questions about yourself, your hair and your styling habits. Prose also asks you about your preferences and hair goals, what type of scent you prefer (if any) and whether you want gluten, vegan or silicone-free products. After filling out all the information, they share a hair analysis with you, along with the hero ingredients they'll include in your perfect-for-you shampoo and conditioner.

The whole experience feels highly professional and customized and the products are beautifully packaged with your name printed on each. Most importantly, the products actually deliver on their promises. My hair is colored, dry, heat-damaged and exposed frequently to the sun, and the products I received are ultra-nourishing, packed with restorative collagen and hyaluronic acid, and are made with UV absorbers and built-in heat protectant.

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Eyeko Bespoke Mascara
We're not sure about you, but doesn't it feel like you're constantly searching for the perfect mascara? Don't get us wrong — there are so many great options out there but even when you find a near-perfect match, it still sometimes feels like it's missing something. Eyeko, known for eye cosmetics, totally understands that dilemma and rolled out its "Bespoke Mascara" in response.

You begin by answering questions about what your lashes are like, including texture, length, fullness and whether or not they're damaged. Next, you describe what you're looking for in a perfect mascara. Maybe it's extra volume, a "my lashes, but better" natural look, a mascara that'll last the longest days, or a product that boosts lash strength. You even get to choose which type of brush head you like (hallelujah)!

From there, Eyeko will formulate the perfect mascara for your lashes and they'll even monogram the tube if you're feeling fancy. The total cost is $40 (plus $4 for monogram), which is splurge-y for a mascara, but not unheard of, and a great price for a product that's built specifically for you.

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Hawthorne Cologne
Hawthorne has taken on the purist definition of a signature scent by allowing its customers to formulate a cologne that's made according to their every wish. Like Prose and Eyeko, you're ushered in with series of questions as soon as you get to the website. They'll ask you what your fragrance expertise is, what scent categories you're most drawn to, your body temperature, lifestyle preferences, fashion sense, what you do for a living and even how you spend your Saturday nights.

All these answers are then analyzed, and you're presented with two different fragrances — one for work and one for play — that are made by Hawthorne's esteemed perfumers. You can buy just one for $55 or both for $100.

The products are bespoke in the sense that Hawthorne selects them based off your answers, but note that other people may answer similarly and will receive the same fragrance. Also note that Hawthorne will yield masculine-leaning scents, so if that's your thing, then it's a great option. It's also great if you're seeking gifts for him. If you prefer a more feminine scent for your bespoke fragrance experience, consider Lvnea or Scent Trunk.

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Belle Bar Organic Masks
For organic, customized hair masks, hair teas and face masks, check out Belle Bar. This company specializes in utilizing the power of natural ingredients and creating bespoke products for your particular skin care and hair care needs.

You begin by choosing a base — such as the Custom Regenerating Rice Hair Mask, Custom Thickening Tea Rinse or Custom Deep Detox Volcanic Ash Face Mask — and then customize it with add-on ingredients. For example, you may add a banana curl relaxer and moringa growth stimulator to your hair mask, or you might add acne-controlling acai berry or soothing honey to your face mask.

Once customized, simply press buy and the products will be shipped to your door. The prices are very affordable at under $30 per product, which contains enough for multiple uses. You can also upgrade to a larger size if you want more.

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