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25 Cult Beauty Products From Around the World

Put these countries on your beauty bucket list, so you can nab these life-changing beauty products
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The Edible Ingredient for Glowy Skin
The Country: France

The Product: Honey With Royal Jelly

The Reason: Fournier says that French women don't just treat their skin on the outside -- they take ingestibles in conjunction with their skin care routine feels (and we're not exactly talking your run-of-the-mill vitamin capsules).

One of the good-for-skin ingredients French women take: royal jelly. This is what the queen bee in the hive eats -- and it helps her live for four to five years versus the 45-day average lifespan of bees.

Map image courtesy dogsanddoubles

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A Moisturizer Unlike Anything You've Ever Tried
The Country: Korea

The Product: Original Raw Blue Jam

The Reason: "Blue Jam is a gel type cream that greatly increases the amount of moisture skin retains that is very popular with a number of celebrities in Korea," says Jones. "It includes over 60 natural ingredients to fight aging, even skin tone and prevent breakouts."

Just a tiny bit of this jam (yes, it really is blue and the consistency of jam!) is enough to be superhydrating, and it's a solid choice for acne-prone and oily skin as well as dry skin.

Map image courtesy Destination Sport

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A Deodorant Spray That's (Way) Better Than the Stick
The Country: France

The Product: Narta Deodorant Spray

The Reason: Another item on Fournier's must-bring-back list is this deodorant spray. Spray deodorants are slowly making their way into the U.S. market, but Fournier stocks up on this one because there's no alcohol and it's hypoallergenic -- "natural, fresh and efficient." (Again, a seemingly mundane beauty product turned ultra-chic).

Map image courtesy dogsanddoubles

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A Pore-Perfecting Primer
The Country: Japan

The Product: Shiseido Maquillage Pore Perfect Cover

The Reason: This product covers up pores like Spackle. Quynh loves to use it as a makeup primer, because the creamy texture lets foundation and other face makeup glide onto skin -- without being too slippery. "It has a nice matte finish that works well on all skin types."

Map image courtesy awalkinhirakatashi

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A Monk-Made Exfoliating Powder
The Country: Italy

The Product: Santa Maria Novella Skin Whitening Powder

The Reason: This multi-purpose powder comes straight from one of the world's oldest pharmacies: The Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, established in 1211 by Dominican monks. Clear Scalp & Hair Dermatologist Dr. Francesca Fusco uses it as a gentle exfoliant (simply massage onto damp skin), and as a mask. The blend of lupine flour, iris flour and pure rice starch powder leaves skin firm and luminous.

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