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12 Crystal-Infused Beauty Products Perfect for Inner (and Outer) Peace

Give your beauty routine a spiritual boost
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Crystals are officially Having a Moment. Whether you're testing the waters with a heart-shaped rose quartz stone or consider yourself a regular at your local crystal boutique, we can agree on one thing: Crystals and beauty products are a true match made in heaven.

After all, sparkly skin care is fun and glittery makeup is great — and crystal-infused beauty products often involve both. And at the end of the day, we could all use a little boost from some good crystal-y juju, right? Rose quartz is said to help attract love, jade is traditionally associated with healing and the list goes on. It's fun to take stock in the potential benefits, and even if you're not a 100-percent convinced, there's no denying the aesthetic charms of the trend.

So, ready to check out some gorgeous crystal-infused beauty products? Read on for 12 of our favorites.

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A good facial mist makes for the perfect midday pick-me-up for dehydrated skin and this one comes infused with actual rose quartz — as well as ingredients like hydrating glycerin and hyaluronic acid and nourishing watermelon and green tea leaf extract. Plus, isn't the holographic bottle pretty?

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Glossier Haloscope, $22
The glow you get from these easy-to-use highlighter sticks is like a one-two punch: First, you've got the real crystals and then you've got the hydrating blend of oils. Together, the effect is natural yet eye-catching, imbuing your complexion with a lovely lit-from-within glow. Oh, and here's a fun little feature: Each shade is infused with a different crystal, so you can choose from rose quartz, golden topaz or moonstone.

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Along with exfoliating pineapple and papaya enzymes, Brazilian white tourmaline gemstone is one of the hero ingredients of this popular mask. The formula also includes some gentle buffing rice powder, making this quite the combination of complexion brighteners.

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As if the fact that this facial mist is lavender scented wasn't enough, it also comes imbued with amethyst crystal, along with fun botanical ingredients like antioxidant-rich dragon fruit extract and complexion-balancing honey extract.

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