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17 Ridiculously Pretty Ways to Wear Crown Braids

Because who doesn't want to whip up a plaited tiara on the fly?
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We're just going to call it: There is no hairstyle as versatile as the braid. Whether you're aiming for that relaxed-but-polished updo on your wedding day, or trying to hide your frizz factor beneath its tight coils, the braid always has your back.

One of the braid's most adaptable forms is the crown braid. We know — any time braided and updo appear together, the effort level is usually on the higher end of the scale. But trust us when we say these braided crowns will save a bad hair day. To prove it, and to remove the intimidation of these plaited mysteries, here is how to do a basic crown braid in four easy steps:

1. Crown braids work best on dirty hair that has a bit of grip to it. Employ a braid saver like Kristin Ess Working Texture Loose Styling Powder, $10, to your hair, which should be parted down the middle and separated into two equal halves on either side of your head.
2. Braid each half into a normal, no-frills braid, securing with a clear elastic.
3. Cross each braid to the other side of the head along the line a headband would naturally lie. For a fuller look, lightly tug each loop of the braid out a little; this is known as "pancaking" in braiding circles. Secure each braid with bobby pins.
4. Tuck in any stray hairs, or pull out a few if you're going for a messy look. Set your style with hairspray.

That's it! Of course, that's not always it. This is the internet, after all, and Pinterest and Instagram users live for a complicated braid. That's why we've put together 17 of the best crown braids on the web — consider these gorgeous creations your aspirational crown braid inspiration.

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Romantic (and Do-able) Crown Braid
This crown braid is everything a circular plait should be: whimsical, slightly undone and regal looking. Bonus: It's way easier to achieve than it looks.

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Half Crown Braid
For a simple updo that's a little less Swedish countryside and a little more boho-chic, try the half-up version of a crown braid.

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Image via Pinterest

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Crown Braid With a Twist
Just when you think you've given up on crown braids entirely, a (literal) twist on them can once again make you a believer. You can still achieve the general vibe of the hairstyle by swapping cramped fingers for a flick of the wrist.

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Image via Gal Meets Glam

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The Crown Braid That Looks Like an Actual Crown
Seeking major "Game of Throne" vibes? Try this ultra-regal take on the crown braid.

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Image via Nasty Gal

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