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7 Tips for Beating That Pesky Cold, Stat

Get over that cold quickly so you can go on living your best life!
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There's unfortunately nothing you can do to cure a cold — it just doesn't work that way. That said, there are things you can do and take to try and shorten the time you're down.

There are a lot of things out there that promise to cure your cold quickly, but not all of them work. But we've got you covered: These cold remedies are tried and trusted methods that are also backed by science.

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Stay hydrated
Drink LOTS of fluids. Lots of water, juice and soup or warm broth will help you stay hydrated and help you feel better. You may also want to try probiotic drinks, which can help with gut health (and therefore, your overall health).

Another tip? Avoid caffeine and alcohol, as they could actually leave you more dehydrated than you started.

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Add moisture to the air around you
Get a humidifier or a cool mist vaporizer to add moisture to your home and help decrease the congestion you're feeling — though be sure to remember to change the water daily. Oh, and bonus: According to Dr. Richard Firshein, a good humidifier can also help ward off the flu. "The flu virus does not seem to like humidity, or it may be that your mucus membranes are more stable in humidity. Either way, humidify your home," he explains.

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Clear up that stuffiness
Get a saline spray or nasal drops so that you're not as stuffy and don't sound like you're talking in a fish bowl. These are available over the counter at any pharmacy.

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Do not take antibiotics
This will not work as antibiotics attack bacteria, while the common cold is a virus. Even if you have leftover antibiotics from a previous illness (which you shouldn't, as you should always take a full course of antibiotics), do not take them: Using them in the wrong way contributes to the problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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