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Color Clash: What to Wear With the Season's Brightest Makeup

Let your clothes complement -- not compete with -- this season's hottest beauty trends
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This year's Fashion Week trends aren't for the faint of heart. Bold orange lips, vivid cobalt eyeliner ... even purple (yes, purple) lipstick has been leaving impressions both on the runway and off. The only problem -- what does one wear with these brighter-than-bright makeup trends to avoid looking like a circus clown? We spoke with some kings and queens of color in the industry -- Wende Zomnir, Executive Creative Director at Urban Decay, Luke Reichle, celebrity stylist and costume designer, and fashion stylist Kimberlee Tokarz -- for their expert advice in pulling off color, lots of color.

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Orange Lips
We've waxed poetic about our love for orange lips enough that you're probably sick of it. But let's face it -- the trend is bright, cheery and so gorgeous.

Where You've Seen It:
On runways all over fashion week -- Dennis Basso, Prabal Gurung and DKNY, to name a few.

How to Wear It:
Zomnir advises staying away from rose-colored blushes when wearing an orange lip, opting instead for peach or bronze shades. "It sounds slightly monochromatic, but you're going for colors that will complement instead of compete with orange."

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Wear It With ...
Blues: Blue and orange are complementary colors, so naturally they pair well together. And this includes all shades, says Tokarz, whether you wear bold cobalt or a soft powder blue like Caitlin Fitzgerald, shown here at the Golden Globes.

Black & White: "Black and white, especially when worn in a color-blocked print, is very trendy right now," says Reichle. Orange lips add color to an otherwise neutral ensemble, and pop next to all-white looks. Use caution when wearing an orange lip with all black attire, says Zomnir, because it can give off a Halloween vibe. If you are wearing black, stick to an orange lipstick with more red undertones.

Greens: Jewel tones pair particularly well with an orange lip, and deep emerald looks good on virtually everyone according to Reichle.

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Blue Graphic Eyeliner
It's incredibly easy to get stuck in a makeup rut, especially when five days a week you're simply throwing on your neutral, work-appropriate makeup shades. But this graphic eyeliner look is an easy way to mix things up for a night out.

Where You've Seen It:
Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Week show had everyone lusting after blue eyeliner. Then Cara Delevingne strutted down the catwalk at the Giles show during London Fashion Week and I started searching for my own blue liner. But it was really when January Jones wore this cobalt graphic eyeliner at the Season 7 premiere of "Mad Men" that I broke down and bought one or two (or four).

How to Wear It:
"Replace your smoky eye with a bold liner look and a bright lip," says Zomnir. "For another twist, draw your liner on thicker or thinner than usual. Thicker lines enable you to play with more shapes, while thinner lines open up the eye area more." In other words -- whatever you've been doing, do the opposite.

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Wear It With ...
Blues: Yes, more blue. "Pair bold blue eyeliner with navy for a more conservative look," says Reichle. Or dress in an equally rich blue like January Jones does here. "Graphic print will work that dramatic look. Keep your garment color deeper than the color of your blue eye makeup to make eyes pop."

Prints: The best part about prints is "you don't always have to choose ones that have the exact same shade [of blue] in them," says Tokarz. Try a neutral print with pops of yellow and pink with lighter blue eyeliner, or darker prints with a darker blue liner.

Nude or Taupe: "This is a great color to work with if you really want your eyes to shine," says Tokarz. The neutral shades won't compete with your bold eye makeup, so all attention will be paid to your peepers.

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