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Clean Slate — Step Into a New Year With Fragrances That Smell Like a Fresh Start

Perfumes to make you feel clean, fresh and cozy
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Clean, fresh and cozy — when it comes to fragrances, this usually means to look for floral, herbal and musky notes, but we all know, all too well, that not all fragrances that fit this description bring that elusive, uplifting lightness and coziness we want from a clean-smelling scent.

Lightness doesn't always mean "fleeting", though; as in, these perfumes will most definitely linger on and on, each with their own unique composition. Some of them are more discreet, others are more potent (perfect for colder days), and some will have people eagerly asking just what that is that you're wearing. One thing they all have in common is elegance in a clean scent. These covetable perfumes may not be cheap, but you will definitely smell...expensive. Some of them are better suited for day wear, others for night and work (office) wear. We've rounded up clean, fresh and warm-smelling perfumes from brands you know and love, as well as some niche perfumes; they vary in intensity and their smell pyramids (top, middle and base notes) are diverse, so go on to discover a new scent of you for 2023!

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Liis Studied, $165
Made to make us feel comfortably and intimately at home in our own skin, this delicate, genderless perfume is soft and subtle. The fragrance opens up with fresh pear and carrot seed and fades gently into an understated skin scent of ambroxan and cashmere.

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This aromatic citrus perfume opens with lemon zest, pomelo and starfruit, making way for the heart of hibiscus, ginger and mandarin leaves. Base notes of cedarwood, vetiver and ambergris round it all up in this gender-inclusive and ethically made scent.

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Commodity Rain, $135
The aquatic freshness and cleansing symbolism of rain has inspired many perfumers, and this creation may inspire you. Green accords intertwine with floral accents of jasmine and lotus blossom, finally settling into white amber, water musk and woods.

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One topic can be interpreted in so many different ways, and this rain-inspired perfume is a bit different than the previous, but still evocative of the same feeling (we love how perfumes can do that). There's an enchanting balance of Tunisian neroli and Haitian vetiver, giving this amber floral fragrance timeless appeal.

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