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19 Surprisingly Chic "Star Wars" Tattoos for Your Inner Super Fan

Tattoo yourself with Tattooine
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Once you reach a certain level of super-fandom, a tattoo can start to feel like an inevitability. And if you've reached that point with "Star Wars" ... well, you've come to the right place. You see, we've taken it upon ourselves to gather 19 of the chicest "Star Wars" tattoos that Instagram has to offer -- and they won't disappoint.

Now, full sleeves of Darth Maul and giant green Yodas on the back of your calves are great and all, but they take a certain level of commitment. The "Star Wars" tattoos gathered here, however, have a stylish flair all their own -- whether that means an adorable blackwork Porg, or an absolutely gorgeous impressionistic take on Princess Leia. So, ready to meet your next ink? Read on for 19 of our very favorite "Star Wars" tattoos.

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Hyper-Detailed BB-8
If you saw "The Force Awakens," chances are you fell in love with BB-8 -- and what better way to commemorate that love than with a hyper-realistic blackwork tattoo?

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May the Force Be With You
Come on, you know you want those iconic words tattooed on your index finger. This might just be the definitive "Star Wars" tattoo.

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Artsy Princess Leia
How gorgeous is this one-line Princess Leia? It's the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite space princess.

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Pointillism Tattooine Tattoo
The dotwork on this is exquisite, right down to the two suns. Plus, it must be said: "Tattooine tattoo" just has a nice ring to it.

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