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10 Amazing Beauty Tips From Your Favorite Celebrity Moms

Gwyneth, J.Lo, Drew etc. al have some AMAZING beauty advice
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We love celebrity beauty tips... almost as much as we love inspirational working moms. Which is why we're spotlighting both: We scoured the Internet for some truly great beauty tips, all courtesy of some of your favorite celebrity moms. So, from highlighting tricks from Drew Barrymore, to how wrinkle-fighting know-how from Kim Kardashian-West, keep reading to see their advice.


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Blake Lively
Blake Lively might just have the most enviable hair of the entire Upper East Side. And as a mom of two kids (with a third on the way!), she has learned a quick way to get her signature bombshell beachy waves in a snap: "I normally put it in a ballerina bun," she said to Allure. "If I want it to be more full, I'll first put in some mousse and blow-dry the roots up a little bit. When you take the bun out, you want to tease it with a big hairbrush to give it oomph."

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Jessica Alba
The actress and Honest Beauty co-founder leads a very busy life with her three kids, but she manages to keep her skin glowing naturally, from the outside in. "I drink a ton of water all the time. I feel like that always helps," she explained to Shape. "So does packing in more veggies, lean protein, good fats, and fruit. I don't have a lot of whole grains in my diet. But really my skin looks best when I sleep — when I'm on vacation it's perfect."

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Drew Barrymore
If anyone deserves the "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!" mantle, it's Drew Barrymore. And it would figure that the Flower Cosmetics founder would have serious makeup know-how: "I swear by highlighter, but don't put it on over your blush — it'll look murky," advised Barrymore to Redbook. "Instead, pat it just on the tops of your cheekbones, then add a little on the slope of your nose, across your forehead, and a dot on the bow of your lips, then feather out all the edges. It really changes the way your makeup looks."

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Gwyneth Paltrow
You might be familiar with Gwyneth Paltrow's penchant for obscure yet luxurious wellness products — especially ever since she launched goop. But there's one big beauty secret she has that doesn't even break the bank: "If you go in in the morning and have had a rough night, dunking your face in ice water is really good," shared Paltrow to Elle. "There are makeup artists sometimes that have a jade face roller. If you're really tired those are really good."

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