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You Probably Don't Think You Need a Butt Mask... But Here Are 7 We Love

You love a face mask, but what about ones for your behind?
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You're probably reading this while making a weird face and wondering why on earth you would need a butt mask.

(We know — sheet masks for your butt? — it's a novel concept.)

But... think about it: Your rear is just as prone to irritation, pimples and dry skin as the rest of the body. And any skin care issues in that region are made worse by the fact that no one exactly wants to be caught scratching their butt in public, etc, etc. So why not avoid the drama and take care of your butt skin like you do your face? As it turns out, there are actually lots of butt masks, exfoliants and acne-clearing skin care products that will help your derriere look its best.

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This cheeky little number is infused with ingredients such as citrus extract and glycerin to help brighten, soothe and firm skin.

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Um, who doesn't want a glowy, tightened rear? This hard-working butt serum is made with real 24k gold flakes, vitamin E, hibiscus extract and beet root, which work together to help make your butt look its best.

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This sheet mask is filled with collagen-boosting ingredients and lots of nourishment to help firm, plump, and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. And, okay yes, it's made for your face, but the name has us thinking of derrieres!

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This, um, "bum bum cream" contains guarana, a native Amazonian plant whose fruit contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet. Another bonus? It has the best fragrance.

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