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16 Braided Ponytails Every Cool Girl Will Be Wearing This Summer

Prepare for fireworks. Thanks to sultry braids, twists, and knots, these sizzling summer styles aren't your average ponytail
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Unless you happen to be a mermaid (unlikely), Gigi Hadid (if only), or my beloved Golden Retriever, Lucy (ditto), chances are that rocking a long, luscious and meticulously coiffed mane just isn't in the cards during the wretchedly hot and humid months of summer. And though we love what the season's unrelenting sun and warmth does for our mood, social life and yearly outdoor concert quota, we could definitely do without the downright fugly number it does on our blowout. Case in point? From June to August, ponytails become our BFF, MVP, the yin to our yang, if you will.

And lately, our social media feeds have been coming to our rescue -- overflowing with romantic, braided takes on the traditional tail -- and just in time for summer. Featuring head-turning details à la braids, twists and turns -- these are the perfect-for-summer hairstyles that have us on the edge of our flamingo-shaped floaties (and taking screen shots like a mane-crazed maniac.)

Image via @sarahpotempa

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Braided Knot Ponytail
One part ponytail, one part braid, this low-maintenance look is easy on the drama, but still updates the ho-hum traditional ponytail. To nail your placement, match the start of your ponytail to your ear line.

Image via @reneebargh

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Low Braided Ponytail
Wedding season is in full-throttle, and chances are you're going to need a hairstyle that does triple duty. With its knots and subtle braids around the base, Emma Robert's sultry low ponytail keeps frizz and sweat at bay, while still looking discreetly elegant.

Image via @nikkilee901

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French Braided Ponytail
The hair and braid queen herself, Amber Fillerup Clark, demonstrates how versatile a few rows of loose French braids can look when paired with your everyday ponytail. To mimic the look, create three french braids (one on each side of your scalp and one down the center) before tying it all together in back.

Image via @amberfillerup

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Chain-Link Braided Ponytail
Do like hair goddess, Kristen Ess (who regularly works with Hollywood it-girls, like Lucy Hale and Lauren Conrad), and complement a low, voluminous ponytail with a chic and chunky side braid. Ess' secret styling weapon? A body-enhancing loose styling powder.

Image via @kristen_ess

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