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8 Blowout Creams That Will Replace All Your Other Hair Products

Forget layering 17 products before you blow-dry. These creams help you DIY an awesome blowout in one step
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Hairstylists love to layer. Head over to Drybar for a blowout, and you'll get a spritz of volumizer, a dab of heat protector, a dollop of leave-in conditioner, maybe some shine spray — the list goes on. And even though we're obsessed with products — and there's nothing better than a professional blowout — when you're doing it yourself, sometimes you want simplicity. You want a BB cream for your hair.

Yes, there are a few hair BBs (and CCs). They popped up after BB creams for face became such a major trend, but they didn't have a clear purpose. Sure, they moisturized and created shine and maybe gave a little hold, but what was the endgame? Well, the endgame should have been a perfect blowout. Because the new generation of blowout creams is putting hair BBs to shame.

These blowout creams have memory (meaning, you don't have to restyle your hair the next day), they protect your ends from heat, they smooth the cuticle of each hair strand (superimportant if you have curly or color-treated hair) and they make hair bouncy and voluminous. These blowout creams essentially do everything except hold the brush and the blow dryer. And they'll revolutionize your at-home blowout. Sorry, blow dry bars.

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For a Longer-Lasting Blowout
Oribe Imperial Blowout, $68, starts as a cream, melts into an oil when you rub it between your hands and heat it with a blow-dryer and then dries to a slightly powdery finish. The powder helps absorb oil, which means your blowout lasts a full extra day. And it smells like heaven.

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For a Hot, Hot, Hot Blowout
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Perfect Blowout Creme, $25, contains linseed oil and vegetable proteins to strengthen hair and protect it from extreme heat. If you like a sleek, shiny blowout, you'll love this cream. And a little goes a long way.

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For a Voluminous Blowout
Bumble and Bumble All-Style Blow Dry, $30, is a brilliant multi-tasking product (like a BB cream!). It's incredibly moisturizing and fights frizz, but it won't weight down fine hair. And, like the Oribe cream, it has built-in powders that absorb oil.

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For a Quicker Blowout
The only thing better than a blowout cream that replaces all your other hair products? A blowout cream that also makes your hair dry faster. Joico Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Creme, $15, is that blowout cream. It speeds up your blowout, locks out frizz and even helps hair stay cleaner by repelling grime.

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