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How to Prevent Bloating After Eating a Big Holiday Feast

Avoid the dreaded bloating, with these simple tricks
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The holidays are near, and you know what that means: grand family reunions, obligatory catch-up sessions with relatives, and of course, all the feasts of delicious foods. The only downside? Overindulging at the dinner table. Sure, it's fine to eat your fill (and then some), but more often than not, we end up overdoing it — which can lead to some seriously uncomfortable bloating.

But, don't let bloating get you down this holiday season — it's actually pretty easy to prevent. Check out these simple tricks on how you can avoid those pesky post-feast stomachaches.

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Eat slowly
Bloating is mainly caused by gas or air in our stomach and when you eat fast, more air tends to go in your belly. Chew your food slowly and savor every bite. This has the dual purpose of helping to prevent bloating and it'll also keep you from overeating.

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Control your consumption of fiber-rich foods
Yes, you should generally be eating lots of fiber, but if you're trying to prevent bloating, you may want to limit your intake a bit, as fibrous foods can contribute to bloating. Notorious suspects include legumes like beans and lentils, as well as whole grains. Raw veggies can also be difficult to digest, so you may want to stick to cooked vegetable dishes.

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Skip the straw and the gum
Did you know that sipping through a straw and chewing gum can actually cause bloating? Don't worry, you can still drink up without a straw and pop a mint to freshen your breath.

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Avoid stress and relax
Diet and depression go hand in hand, so it's no wonder that stress can also affect your digestion and cause stomach problems, including bloating. If you're feeling stressed and bloated, try going for a relaxing stroll to ease your mind.

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