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Are the Latest Hyped Wellness Buys Actually Worth Your Money?

We turned to the pros to find out.
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Some products are real game changers. Like Crossrope, a weighted jump rope, which has helped thousands of people sculpt their arms while working on their cardio endurance. Then there's the LED-embedded SmartRope that displays your jump count in midair and sends your workout information to your smartphone. But it's clunky to use and takes time to set up. So it's not surprising that Crossrope is more popular.

But how do you know whether a particular product is worth the media and/or locker-room hype? Turn to the experts, of course. So we asked fitness pros for their opinions on some of the most talked about wellness products.

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TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller

What it is: A roller with four vibrating frequencies.

Verdict: Pass

"This is too expensive for a roller, even if it vibrates. The vibration isn't necessary for a roller to be effective. It's more about the density and shape of a foam roller. Not the vibration. I LOVE Rollga and it's a small fraction of the price," says Revenge Body fitness trainer Ashley Borden.

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JAXJOX KettlebellConnect 2.0 Adjustable Kettlebell

What it is: A digital adjustable kettlebell ranging from 12 to 42 pounds that offers real-time performance tracking and reporting. It can be synced to the JAXJOX app for live or on-demand workouts.

Verdict: Buy

"I think this is genius and for the price you get 30 different weighted kettlebell options ranging from 12 to 42 pounds! The price for ONE 42-pound kettlebell is usually around $120! So 30 kettlebells for $230 is a great deal. Also, the fact it takes up a small amount of space and looks sleek is a win-win as well," says Borden.

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What it is: An electrical muscle stimulator designed to promote recovery, increase muscle performance or provide massaging relief.

Verdict: Buy

"For my clients who are looking for more muscle relief than foam rollers, I recommend smart muscle stimulators like this. These smart tools help my clients address the exact muscle knots that can be getting in the way of their recovery or performance," says Andrew Laux, Fyt personal trainer.

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Bala The Power Ring

What it is: This 10-pound ring looks like a Pilates ring, but isn't flexible. It's designed to be a cross between a dumbbell and a kettlebell that you can hold or swing as you go through your workout routine.

Verdict: Pass

"I'm not spending $85 on one 10-pound small circle weight. I don't care how cute the color is. I could think of many other multipurpose items you could use for your home gym for less than $85. That said, I do love the feeling and quality of all Bala products!" says Borden.

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