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The 13 Best Volumizing Mascaras, Ranked

Get ready for your plushest lashes yet
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Walking down the beauty aisle of your favorite store in search of the perfect mascara can be overwhelming. Every product, it seems, boasts claims of thicker, longer lashes with just one swipe. While there are many mascaras on the market these days that can truly transform your lashes with color and length, few work effortlessly to deliver next-level volume along with it.

To help you find the best volumizing mascara that breathes life into your lashes with as few coats as possible, we took it upon ourselves to test the industry's top touted volume-enhancing mascaras. Tubes untwisted and caps off, here's what you need to know, in ranked order, of course.

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Best Volumizing Mascara No. 13: BLK/OPL Color Splurge Waterproof Mascara, $8.95
It's rare that I find myself reaching for waterproof mascara. While the idea of a lash-boosting product that lasts all day, through blood, sweat and tears, sounds lovely, the process of trying to remove it balances out the benefits, making them less desirable, in my opinion.

Then I discovered this waterproof mascara from Black Opal. I was first drawn to the minimalist design that I knew would look perfect in my next #shelfie. The thin tube contains a splash-proof mascara that wraps and seals each and every lash with a single stroke. This waterproof mascara pumps up the color, volumizes, lengthens and sets lashes in place all day long. But, once all-day becomes end-of-day, it's easily removed with a quick swipe of micellar water. And, that makes it a winner in my little black book of best volumizing mascaras.

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Best Volumizing Mascara No. 12: Laura Geller GlamLash Dramatic Volumizing Mascara, $24
Don't be fooled by the long, slender brush on this long-wearing mascara. This thin, spiky brush creates killer, maximized volume. My favorite part is that since the brush is, in fact, much smaller than your usual volumizing brush, it's a lot easier to grab every little lash around the corners of your eyes, and coat your lower lashes without mishaps.

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Best Volumizing Mascara No. 11: Givenchy Base Mascara Perfecto, $29
Okay, so this lash primer isn't technically a mascara, but it goes under mascara to amplify its effects (in a major way), so I'm counting it. We all have at least half a dozen tubes of ho-hum mascara that we can't toss because #expensive. For those hangers-on, I've wished there were a miracle product that could turn any old mascara into a tube of gorgeous, lash-enhancing goodness. Well, my prayers were answered. This Givenchy mascara primer is the perfect prep step to your fullest, prettiest lashes. And don't even get me started on the packaging. Now, since this isn't, in fact, a mascara, I'll have to keep it along the lower ranks of my faves, but you best believe it always has a place in my bag, just waiting to spruce up any run-of-the-mill mascara I might encounter.

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Best Volumizing Mascara No. 10: Catrice Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara, $6.99
It might sound stuck up, but it's rare that I find a drugstore makeup product that really makes me smitten. But then I discovered this affordable mascara by Catrice. The packaging promises to deliver extreme volume — and volume it delivers. With a single coat you'll say hello to gorgeously dramatic lashes that almost look fake. As much as I love this curling and volumizing mascara, I do experience a bit of flaking towards the end of the day (For you, it might be different) — but it's nothing I can't fix with a quick swipe and concealer touch-up.

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