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7 Best Travel Blow Dryers for Flawless Vacation Hair

Forget the puny hotel dryer. These foldable, collapsible, convertible hair tools guarantee gorgeous hair wherever you are
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Choosing which hair tools to take on an out-of-town excursion is like choosing between your own children. It's impossible. Which is why it's important to economize space for your curling irons and straighteners by investing in the perfect travel hair dryer. (Heaven knows we're not using that sad excuse for a hair dryer that comes attached to the hotel wall).

We look for a number of things in a quality travel dryer -- Is it dual voltage for international jet setting? Does it come with a concentrator nozzle for frizz-free styling? Is it as powerful as a full-size model? And most importantly, is it lightweight and teeny-tiny?

We went on a mission to find the best. But first, a few pro tips for blow-drying on the go: Ricky Pennisi, leading stylist and founder of Ri Ci products, suggests looking for a travel dryer that offers different heat and speed settings. "These allow you to make touch ups quickly," he says. "While traveling, hair tends to curl and frizz around the temples and neck (where we sweat the most). Re-drying on a medium or cool setting will take the frizz away without causing too much damage to your hair."

To maintain your blowout, stylist Melissa Hoyle of Art Lab Salon in Santa Monica, California, recommends applying dry shampoo after a long day of travel (try Kérastase Powder Bluff, $37), and then sleeping with hair in a loose bun "to keep the style natural and bouncy."

Now that you're an expert, behold the top seven travel hair dryers for working the perfect blowout in every time zone.

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The Cute Purple Hair Dryer to Flaunt Sink Side
It's rare to find full-size style in a travel size hair dryer, but Hot Tools Ionic Travel Dryer, $44.99, is one of the cutest compact hair tools we've seen. After unboxing this little guy, we were smitten with its lustrous purple color and streamlined shape.

But there's more to this hair dryer than its looks. The product is also lightweight, foldable and truly compact (none of that almost-as-big-as-the-full-size nonsense). Though its highest speed setting doesn't quite match a full-size, we were pleased, especially considering the product's additional bells and whistles.

Features: Folding handle, two speed settings, cool shot, dual voltage

Attachments: Diffuser, concentrator nozzle

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The Sturdy Hair Dryer for Quick Dry Time
The Ion Dual Voltage Ionic Travel Dryer, $29.99, looks no-frills, but thrifty jetsetters should turn to this pick for a speedy blow dry you can tote overseas.

For $30, you get your money's worth in features -- highlights include the concentrator attachment, dual voltage and Ionic Generator. This pick may not be quite as dainty and compact as its counterparts, but if fitting your blow dryer into your coat pocket is less important to you than, say, a 50 percent quicker dry time, here's your tool.

Features: Folding handle, two speed settings, cool shot, dual voltage, ionic power on/off switch

Attachments: Concentrator nozzle

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The Little Black Hair Dryer for Supersleek Travel
Yes, the T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer, $150, is a costly jewel -- but you won't find a chicer-looking travel hair dryer.

The tool heats up nicely and manages to tame frizz -- though the airflow doesn't quite match a full-size hair dryer, which was our hope, considering the price tag. Still, we are fans of the sleek design, concentrator attachment and superlong cord (which can come in handy when you're dealing with awkwardly placed outlets in hotel rooms).

Features: Folding handle, two speed settings, cool shot

Attachments: Concentrator nozzle, nine-foot cord

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The Travel Dryer That Stands Up to Your Full Size
The Tigi Bed Head Road Trip Travel Dryer, $24.99, isn't as petite and weightless as other compact hair dryers -- but we loved how many doodads and features you get for 25 bucks. Plus, this thing is just as powerful as a full-size (expected, considering its size) and distributes heat evenly and precisely. You can't fit it in your clutch, but this find can tackle thick, soaking wet hair better than most.

Features: Folding handle, two speed settings, cool shot, dual voltage

Attachments: Concentrator nozzle

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