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The Best Protein Ice Creams to Curb Your Sweet Tooth (That Don't Taste Like Chalk)

Find out which "nice creams" are worth the scoop
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When it comes to eating healthy, one of the hardest parts is staying away from sweets. Luckily, we can have our cake (so to speak) and eat it too now that a handful of brands have created ice cream that's good for you. OK, that might be a stretch, but with fewer calories (as in, less than half) and grams of sugar and a whole heck of a lot more protein, "nice creams" make indulging in a cool, sweat treat a little less guilt-inducing. Sounds like a dream right?

To help you decide which of the high-protein ice creams are worth a scoop, we tested all the most popular brands the frozen food aisle has to offer. Read on to find out which brands are chalky fakers and which ones taste just as good as traditional ice creams.

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Halo Top
Protein per Pint: 20g

Calories per Pint: ~280

As one of the first protein ice creams to hit the market, Halo Top hasn't launched just one "nice cream" flavor, but a whopping 39, including both dairy and non-dairy flavors. You can expect a light and creamy flavor from this low-calorie, high-protein, low-sugar ice cream that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Just beware, with less sugar, these ice creams take longer to thaw, so set them out a few minutes before you dig in for the creamiest taste.

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Protein per Pint: 28g

Calories per Pint: ~360

This high-fiber ice cream isn't quite as sweet as the others but with 26 flavors to choose from, you're sure to find the smooth, creamy treat you're craving — or at least a healthier version of it!

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Forte Gelato
Protein per Individual Fluid Oz. Cup: 15g

Calories per Individual Fluid Oz. Cup: 160

Despite being higher in calories for the size than the rest of the brands we tried, you get a whole lot of protein in every cup. What's more, each of the four flavors — chocolate, vanilla, ginger and espresso ‐ tastes absolutely delicious.

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Protein per Pint: 20g

Calories per Pint: 260 - 330

This newly launched healthy ice cream alternative is from your childhood supermarket favorite, Breyers. Of all the protein ice creams that we've tried, Breyers Delights is the closest to real ice cream by far. The creamy texture and chocolatey bits make for a heavenly spoonful every time. In total, there are seven flavors to choose from, including cookies and cream, vanilla cupcake and mint chip.

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