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These 6 Powder Foundations Control Oil (Without Caking Up)

We're done with shiny foreheads
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It's a classic makeup catch-22: Yes, you want to keep your forehead from getting all shiny... but you also don't want your makeup to look cakey. It can be a bit of a challenge to find that Goldilocks-level powder foundation that will straddle that fine line — which is why we've done the legwork for you.

We've gone ahead and rounded up six of our favorite face powders: They all have gorgeous finishes and help keep your makeup in place all day long. And best of all, they'll keep your face matte — but never, ever cakey.

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This is not your ordinary pressed powder, y'all: It's formulated with silica to help absorb excess oil (as well as providing a soft-focus, natural-matte finish). Other ingredients include vitamins B6, C and E, which work together to condition skin and create a super-smooth texture.

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Formulated with coconut water (for hydration), alpine rose (to support the skin's natural health), and hyaluronic acid (to smooth and moisturize), this powder foundation looks so natural you won't even remember it's there. (And weightless and nourishing as it is, it also helps keep shine at bay.)

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We are such huge fans of this powder foundation because of how smooth and luxurious it looks and feels on the skin. It's formulated with shea butter extract, which helps keep your skin moisturized (not to mention in great condition; thus making your makeup look as flawless as possible).

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In addition to its gorgeous, ultra-natural finish, this face powder also helps keep your face shine-free throughout your long days. It contains micronized pigments that blur imperfections for the most flawless foundation application you've ever seen.

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