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These Night Oils Do Amazing Things to Your Skin While You Sleep

Because facial oils are the real MVPs when it comes to nighttime hydration
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Facial oils get a bad wrap. That's because a) if you have oily skin, the idea of slathering oil on your face is likely terrifying and b) many facial oils glide on smoothly only to create an oily appearance that doesn't absorb or play well with makeup. This doesn't mean you should nix oils altogether. Instead, it's time to look for night oils to pamper your skin while you sleep.

The trick to finding the best night oil is to not get caught up on titles. Most times facial oils aren't labeled for day or night, so you need to look at the benefits. If hydration is a top priority and a top benefit, congratulations, you've found a match.

Since sorting through thousands of facial oils is no way to spend your precious free time, we're here to help. Ahead you'll find nine facial oils that work well while you sleep. Whether you're looking for hydration, soothing properties or a boost of protection, these oils have your back — or, rather, your face.

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While not labeled as an oil, this anti-aging face serum is formulated with the brand's exclusive cloudberry seed oil, known for its deeply hydrating qualities and ability to increase cell renewal, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Simply smooth some on your face before hitting the hay and get ready for some seriously beneficial beauty sleep.

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Whether you're looking for an effective facial oil to slather on at night or to elevate your next Instagram #shelfie, this beautifully packaged multipurpose oil is worth it. The 100 percent organic formula features rose oil to soothe redness, as well as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E to combat free radical damage.

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All-natural and ultra replenishing, this organic treatment oil is designed to absorb quickly into skin to restore elasticity, reduce inflammation and stimulate microcirculation, thanks to cocoa bean, andiroba seed and amarant seed. Sure, it comes with a hefty price tag, but as soon as you see the results you'll feel more comfortable with dropping the cash. Trust us.

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Plums are delicious and, believe it or not, they have some pretty complexion-perfecting effects. That's why Le Prunier utilizes the superfood to create a one-of-a-kind multipurpose oil that's perfect for a beauty sleep boost. What's more, you can rub it into your hair and cuticles for extra hydration there, too.

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