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The New Age of Micellar Water Is Here

From conditioning your hair to brightening your complexion, micellar water isn't just for removing makeup anymore.
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Micellar water has been around forever — and there are plenty of reasons why people love it so much. For starters, it's pretty much the easiest beauty product on the planet to use. You pour some on a cotton pad and wipe it across your face to remove makeup and cleanse skin. Basically, micellar water is a no-brainer.

Traditional soaps and face washes contain harsh detergents and a high pH, which disrupts the skin's natural functions and lipid barrier, leading to dryness, says beauty chemist David Pollock. Micellar water, however, gently cleanses skin without stripping it of moisture, thanks to tiny micelles (cleansing molecules) that attract dirt and impurities like a magnet.

Recently, micellar has moved beyond just basic makeup removal and become a full-on beauty trend. Brands are utilizing the technology in everything from clarifying shampoos to pollution-protecting bar soaps to one-step gel facial cleansers, upgrading your favorite products in a major way. And we have to say, we're totally here for it. We've rounded up nine new takes on micellar that you're going to love.

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What do you get when you combine micellar particles and cooling ingredients like aloe, cucumber and green tea extract? This gel makeup remover that gently lifts residue from your skin in one step while also easing irritation and brightening. One step to calmer, more radiant skin? Sign us up.

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Another entry into the micellar/gel makeup remover hybrid category is this do-it-all product, which can be used to get rid of oil- and water-based makeup. In addition to micellar particles, it's also stacked with soothing chamomile, green tea, coconut, cucumber, papaya and aloe vera — meaning it's a great pick for those with irritated complexions.

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Who says bar soap has to be basic? This bar soap pairs micellar particles, which lift off dirt without harsh detergents, and nourishing cream to cleanse even the most sensitive skin types without stripping away much-needed moisture. As a bonus, it also helps keep skin protected against environmental stress (think: pollution).

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Makeup remover wipes can do more than just remove your makeup. These sulfate-free micellar wipes are pumped up with a hydrating, anti-aging serum that moisturizes and fights signs of aging while cleansing. One wipe and you're good to go, no additional cleansing necessary.

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