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Road Test: 13 Long-Lasting Lipsticks, Ranked

We put these long-lasting lip colors through their paces to see how they held up against sandwiches, multiple cups of coffee and other everyday lipstick-mussing occurrences
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At the risk of sounding like a tampon commercial, your lipstick should be able to hold up to everything that you do -- especially a lipstick that claims to last six, eight or even 24 hours.

So we put 13 popular long-lasting lipsticks to the test to see just how well they live up to their claims. The rules: No touchups for the entire work day, and no lip liner allowed. (After all, if a lipstick promises it's long wearing, it should be able to do so solo.)

Each long-lasting lipstick was tested by at least two editors to account for differences in lip condition (the better moisturized one's lip, the better the lipstick will stay) and eating and drinking behaviors. We shot hourly selfies, and deducted points for lipsticks that were difficult to apply or uncomfortable to wear. Because, ultimately, who cares how long a lipstick lasts if it leaves lips dry as the Sahara?

Here, the great long-lasting lipstick test, and the lipsticks that will actually last all day.

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Best Long-Lasting Lipstick No. 13: L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Lip Color, $12.99
Pros: Comes in an extensive range of 24 colors, and the applicator comes with a built in lip balm that moisturizes lips without disrupting the color.

Cons: After lunch, testers noticed that the color began to feather and settle into fine lines. The included lip balm is definitely a must to keep lips looking fresh, which is why this is ranked lower than some of the lipsticks that were comfier to wear.

Claim: Lasts up to 24 hours

Hours before fading: 6

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Best Long-Lasting Lipstick No. 12: Maybelline New York Superstay 24HR Color, $9.99
Pros: The color stays put through the entire work day, with minimal fading. It comes in 35 different shades, and the included lip balm keeps the color looking freshly applied and prevents lips from drying out.

Cons: Though this one was one of the longest lasting colors, it lost points for being difficult to apply. The formula goes on a bit streaky, and it takes multiple attempts to get an even coat of color.

Claim: 24 hours

Hours before fading: 8

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Best Long-Lasting Lipstick No. 11: Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lipcrème, $30
Pros: Twenty shades make it hard -- but incredibly fun -- to choose a favorite color. It dries to a nice matte finish, is crazy pigmented, goes on smoothly and the packaging is so sleek. Plus, it made our lips look plump and full.

Cons: While it can survive our morning cups of coffee, it started to fade a bit post lunch. As the day wore on, it began to feel a bit drying.

Claim: 10 hours

Hours before fading: 4.5

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Best Long-Lasting Lipstick No. 10: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lip Color, $24
Pros: Applies smooth and creamy, and comes in a range of to-die-for shades. Holds up well against beverages (but not so much against sandwiches), and when it does start to fade, it only fades in the inner part of your lips.

Cons: The vibrant colors, while gorgeous, show the most noticeable fading. At the end of the day, lips feel a bit dry.

Claim: 6 hours

Hours before fading: 4.5

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